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Thursday, 17 July 2008
digital press in the upper west: first-hand observations...
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Topic: event reports

there was a strange in-out, in-out from my headphones that made me think something was wrong with my mp3 player. turns out it was the headphones themselves. that just figured. i was already a little uptight about attending a digital press conference sans laptop and no portable recording device, but diapers and milk come first, you heard? children ain't cheap. so i hopped the metro-north train in harrison and made my way down to grand central terminal. serious love goes out to mom and pop hyatt for allowing us crazy kids into their upper west side home (across from theodore roosevelt park and next to central park west, no less).

once the elevator opens, you go right into their apartment and the scene is already buzzing with artists, podcasters, videographers, and hostesses running here and there. i step to the bar area and get a brooklyn beer to loosen myself up. i don't know why, but i can never travel to the upper west or east side without wondering where's the invisible border that separates the well-to-do areas from the tenements. how the hell does stuff suddenly change within a city block and who's responsible for drawing that class line? someone once suggested that the line is where central park ends going north, and i'm inclined to agree.

before i can put more unnecessary thought into this, a young friendly face catches my eye and introduces himself. it's mark williams, one of many musicians in attendance. his mini-bio is impressive, and our conversation centers around rock bands with jazz influences. i speak on the heaviness of helmet, he dotes on the brilliance of living colour. i agree wholeheartedly and find myself pleased whenever the younger heads discover bands that came before them. it just so happens that his vocal coach used to work with corey glover. shortly afterwards, i spotted a familiar face from podcamp nyc 2.0. it's tara, producer of the queens artists podcast. this was the ice-breaking conversation that i needed. we started building on various podcasting strategies including music sources, ways to attract more listeners and how to get reliable stats on the listeners that you do have.

the craziest was meeting ming, who i know as one-half of ming & fs, an amazing dj/producer duo. he's been keeping himself busy producing other artists, including michael lynche, who was also in attendance. i thought it was pretty wild that the two of them would cross paths, and i was able to get both perspectives after talking with michael later on (that will be covered in a separate blog entry).

big shouts to wendy st. kitts. we chatted and laughed about being older heads forced to jump into new media and the dangers of social media overload. the takeaway point for us both was finding your niche and milking it for all its worth. work with the tools you're comfortable with and freak that technique to your advantage. all the best, sister. last but not least, much respect to lena, an extremely pleasant person that i'm glad i got to finally meet.

cyber pr just put a bunch of photos up from the conference on their flickr page, so make sure you check that out. in addition, main hostess ariel hyatt just released a quick wrap-up of the event via utterz. judging from the success of this latest conference, it'll be interesting to see what jumps off at cmj 2008...

Posted by macedonia at 1:00 PM EDT
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