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Thursday, 29 January 2009
BSOTS 079 - grammys on shuffle...
Now Playing: some new hot ish from my man hired gun...
Topic: my podcasts

Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"
Uploaded by DowntownMusic

thanks for checking out Radio BSOTS episode #79, released as a part of the 51st GRAMMY Nominees Podcast Premiere. i'm really excited to be a part of this project. this episode is focused squarely on artists and songs that are nominated and the caliber of talent here is guaranteed top-notch. we're gonna put a freeform spin on the ceremony, hence the title GRAMMYS ON SHUFFLE. electronic dance music makes up about half the playlist, along with some alternative fare and a little bit of hip-hop as well. big shouts to the Recording Academy for even considering looking towards podcasters to further their promotions game, and for allowing this mixed genre episode to take place.

there are two artists that weren't included in the playlist, but wanted to mention. first off, zappa plays zappa is up for best rock instrumental performance for "peaches for regalia," one of my absolute favorite frank zappa tunes of all time. father frank continues to be a constant source of musical inspiration for me and his son dweezil has grown into a fine musician and more than capable bandleader. with him around, the musical legacy of the zappa family trust is in good hands.

also, keep tabs on the radiohead album in rainbows, which has been nominated for album of the year. seriously, how crazy would it be if that album won? think about it: an album that was independently released by the band to their fans on a pay-what -you-will sliding scale. what if that album took home the grammy? what kind of a ripple would that make in the music industry? too wide-eyed of a dream? perhaps. but i'm tuning in anyway just in case i'm right (lol).

should this podcast episode peak your curiosity and you want to tune in as well, the grammys take place on sunday, february 8, 2009 on CBS. check your local listings for times. certainly hope that you enjoy this show and come back to hear more of what Radio BSOTS has to offer...

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you can contact me via twitter, facebook, or email.

theme music co-produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus. background music is the instrumental version of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus.

other key info:
friday favecast
sunday soundtrack podcast
todd kelley a.k.a. the big la on flowink.com
will.i.am's lost change album at itunes
erykah badu's "honey" video on youtube

1. m.i.a. - "paper planes" {itunes}
2. daft punk - "harder, better, faster, stronger (alive 2007 radio edit)" {itunes}
3. hot chip - "ready for the floor" {itunes}
4. brazilian girls - "good time" {itunes}
5. moby - "i like to move in here" {itunes}
6. gnarls barkley - "who's gonna save my soul" {itunes}
7. sergio mendes - "funky bahia (feat. will.i.am. and siedah garrett)" {itunes}
8. they might be giants - "clap your hands" {theymightbegiants.com}
9. lupe fiasco - "superstar (feat. matthew santos)" {itunes}
10. erykah badu - "honey" {itunes}

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Posted by macedonia at 12:42 AM EST
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009
prelude to a podcast premiere...
Now Playing: dj void - reconnected (pfradio.com)
Topic: my podcasts
in less than 24 hours, what is arguably the biggest edition of Radio BSOTS will take place. for those that don't know, i am participating in a podcast premiere for THE GRAMMYS alongside fave nite of friday favecast, doug fresh of sunday soundtrack, and todd kelley from flowink.com. i was originally contacted on twitter by a member of the recording academy. using artists and songs nominated, they were looking for genre-specific shows and thought i'd be interested in covering hip-hop artists. honestly, considering most of the names in that category who are up for a grammy, i didn't think i could do it without compromising the show's integrity. i'm not about jockeying artists i have no interest in and i'm not about to start now.

i was already thinking it, but it took my wife's prompting for me to ask about the possibility of a mixed genre show. while i didn't feel comfortable going all in on rap, there were a number of artists within the dance/electronic category that i was more than happy to represent for, namely daft punk, hot chip, brazilian girls, and moby. things started coming together after that, especially when i heard relief from the recording academy's side about finding someone to get down with the electronic dance side of things. two weeks ago, i'm on the phone with a grammies rep during my lunch break, pitching to them an idea: GRAMMYS ON SHUFFLE. it didn't even feel like a pitch while i was doing it, although it was definitely a pitch. i really thought i could make a mixed genre show work relying heavily on electronic selections, then seguing into some alternative and closing out on a hip-hop note. to my surprise, the pitch was convincing.

the thing that's been on my mind this week was how my regular listeners are going to take to this show. right from the opening monologue, it feels different. truth is it's supposed to be different. it's a potential introduction to my show for people who follow the grammies on twitter and facebook and frequent grammy.com. yesterday, the anxiety kicked in after working on the show the night before and only getting 2.5 hours of sleep. what if the longtime listeners don't dig it? what if this show marks the end of what Radio BSOTS was intended to be? a lot of questions came up in my obviously sleep-deprived state. not being alert and low on energy allowed the devil to grab a foothold in my situation and mess with me. upon telling this to my wife, she was loving, supportive, and told me to do my thing, as well as confirming my doubts being the devil doing what he always does.

so yes, this is definitely on some "best foot forward" type stuff. not like that isn't the case any other time on the BSOTS channel, but it's especially so now. i'm trying not to make this a big deal, but it is in a way. the idea that the recording academy's even taking the time to acknowledge podcasting as a viable source and promotional tool is a big deal. the fact is that there are a lot of categories and a lot of lesser-known artists that are nominated for a grammy. a podcast is a great way to shine the spotlight on talented men and women that aren't getting the shine that they should, but have gotten the grammy nod.

things are changing. a bad economy allows people to think outside the box, i guess. so here we are. it's almost time. the show is complete. ten songs, just under 49 minutes, featuring the biggest artists that i've been able to play on my show so far. the episode's nice and compact and hopefully sensible in its sonic twists and turns. "GRAMMYS ON SHUFFLE" premieres tomorrow. as it reaches new listeners and potentially a new audience, i certainly hope that longtime residents of camp lo-fi will dig it as well. like i said, it feels different, but all of the artists featured are those that i listen to and greatly respect. and since that's the case, the integrity remains intact. that was my biggest concern in all of this. i hope and pray that the lost hours of sleep and hard work brings you a well-produced episode that you will enjoy.

thursday, january 29, 2009. RADIO BSOTS episode #79: GRAMMYS ON SHUFFLE. the podcast premiere jump-off, if you will. i'm ready. and i hope you are, too...

Posted by macedonia at 5:17 PM EST
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Friday, 23 January 2009
january episode of us and us on motion radio
Now Playing: music to spazz by with dave the spazz on wfmu
Topic: my podcasts

it's a new year and a new start for us and us on motion radio.  this is probably one of my favorite shows so far.  lots of great material from 2008 from the likes of flying lotus, james pants, jazzanova, lykke li, aaron jerome, katalyst, and a bunch of others.  this one felt good.  and hopefully it will give you the same feeling.

click here to check out the show and/or tracklisting...

Posted by macedonia at 3:56 PM EST
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BSOTS 078 - 2008 recap (pt. one)
Now Playing: selections for the upcoming grammy podcast...
Topic: my podcasts

the first BSOTS show of 2009 finds us looking back on the year prior and why not? it's the usual tradition and 2008 deserves to be looked at through this lens: it was a great year for music, especially material that was podsafe and blogsafe. normally, i talk about these songs during the show, but time and a sore throat prevented me from getting in-depth on the mic. since that's the case, let's get into it here...

substantial starts us off with a great take on an old jazz standard, but making hip-hop music the focal point instead. from there we visit southern california for an excellent selection from presto (blu is in top form on this one). tru-paz is a hip-hop group based in toronto and i imagine their stage show would be interesting, judging from their lead single. butta verses represents alongside joell ortiz and both come off over this beat - gotta love the b.t. express sample that gets worked on this joint. hip- hop meets jazz on the misled children/odean pope collaboration. some say the misled children is an actual group, others say it's just one guy. i have no idea. all i know is that odean pope's a real person and a damned good saxophonist.

creative commons tracks are well represented on this show. had to get it started with a cut from my favorite netlabel of 2008, budapest's own budabeats imprint. the whole suhov ep is fantastic, an absolute no-brainer of a free download. next up: some dark hip-hop on the experimental tip from soulsonic courtesy of germany-based plain audio. if you're a fan of prefuse 73, you might want to pay close attention to "even if" from apes on tapes, a pair of producers from italy with a fantastic netlabel release on homework records. after that, it's a killer track from moonstarr courtesy of the public transit recordings label in toronto.

one of my favorite podsafe artists from last year is serengeti. his dennehy album was easily one of the most original rap full-lengths released in 2008, so i had to represent for him one more time. astronauts of antiquity is a newcomer to the show, but a stellar group with a wonderful album. "soup de jour" features none other than c-knowledge (aka doodlebug) of digable planets. the recloose joint is another one i've been holding onto for way too long. been digging this cat ever since his first single dropped on carl craig's planet e communications label. since then, recloose has moved from detroit to new zealand and has become quite the saxophone player. "red road" is one of the quieter moments from his perfect timing album.

unfoundsound records remains a favorite netlabel for me. every now and then, they release regional compilations celebrating the sounds of a particular city. philly time! gave props to the city of brotherly love and included a cut from KING FREAKIN' BRITT!!! he appears under his scuba project and it's a gorgeous tune. after that, more sonic beauty in the form of praveen & benoit, then pitching it to the always reliable cy tru to close things out. 15 tracks down, 15 more to go. here's hoping you enjoy part one of the 2008 recap...

download ||| rss feed ||| subscribe to podcast in itunes

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you can contact me via twitter, facebook, or email.

id drops courtesy of india from astronauts of antiquity, darrenkeith wyatt, and ej flavors. theme music produced by cy tru. background music is the instrumental version of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
blocsonic website and twitter feed
foundation media
january 2009 edition of us and us for motion radio

1. substantial - "my favorite things (feat. steph)" {UndergroundHipHop.com | iTunes}
2. presto - "pour another glass (feat. blu)" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
3. tru-paz - "young nation" {iTunes}
4. butta verses - "rock mics (feat. joell ortiz)" {iTunes}
5. the misled children meets odean pope - "four track" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
6. suhov - "funny" {free download}
7. soulsonic - "osr"
8. apes on tapes - "even if" {free download}
9. moonstarr - "break it down" {free download}
10. serengeti - "under the underground"{iTunes | Rhapsody}
11. astronauts of antiquity - "soup de jour"
12. recloose - "red road (feat. justin chapman & genevieve marentette)" {iTunes}
13. king britt presents scuba - "spring" {free download}
14. praveen and benoit - "embers" {Buy at iTunes | Buy at Rhapsody}
15. cy tru - "hybrid pulse"

free ioda promonet download:

"My Favorite Things" (mp3)
from "Sacrifice"
(QN5, Inc.)

More On This Album

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 8:40 AM EST
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Friday, 9 January 2009
review for reviewyou.com: abel okugawa
Now Playing: solipsisticnation.com
Topic: 2008 reviews

the latest album from abel okugawa is quite special, indeed, and easily the best full-length that's come my way through reviewyou.com thus far.  the album's called dance like a speaker.  expect to hear a cut from this on the podcast soon.

click here to check out my review...

Posted by macedonia at 4:02 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 9 January 2009 4:05 PM EST
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Tuesday, 30 December 2008
Now Playing: BSOTS 077 - certified no doze...

this is a great grassroots marketing site for independent hip-hop artists.  they've been sending me great material since the spring of 2007.  every month or so, they show love to a regional artist or dj.  my number just came up.  :-)

i just saw it yesterday and it made me smile.  serious thanks to lee at foundation media for making it happen.  click here to check out their homepage...

Posted by macedonia at 4:06 PM EST
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BSOTS 077 - certified no doze...
Now Playing: u.k. garage mix on motion radio (pfradio.com/motion)
Topic: my podcasts

i could've just stopped with the last episode, and probably should have. i mean, it would've been a nice way to end 2008. but i couldn't let 2009 arrive without getting this one done. and checking the playlist, i think it was worth the effort. there are a number of cuts here that scored high on the rewind factor for me, namely joints by longshot, declaime, moka only, chandliers, and the primeridian. also keep tabs on outasight - that kid is going places. expect big things from him in the oh-nine. never pass up a chance to play vanessa daou - i've been in love with her voice since 1993. we're gettin' down with some jazz this time around, too. and don't front on the latin boogaloo classic from alfredo linares - HOT, HOT, HOT.

when i say "certified no doze," i mean it. i believe these artists and songs are not to be slept on. it's a jam-packed hour and i think it ends Radio BSOTS 2008 on a high note. onward and upward for 2009. hope you dig this one...

download ||| rss feed ||| subscribe to podcast in itunes

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go here to stream shows

you can contact me via twitter, facebook, or email. THE VOICE MAIL LINE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.

id drops courtesy of fave and ej flavors. theme music co-produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus. background music is "bathing" by techniken defunkus.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
BSOTS 076 - the friends and acquaintances episode

1. longshot - "please believe (feat. diverse and ka di)" {itunes | rhapsody}
2. cysion - "no where (feat. dwele)"
3. outasight - "good evening (dream big)"
4. moka only - "how little do you know"
5. declaime - "wax (feat. georgia anne muldrow)" {rhapsody | napster}
6. chandeliers - "mango tree" {free download}
7. vanessa daou - "love child" {itunes | rhapsody}
8. vicelounge - "dear man (feat. dee ferguson)"
9. alfredo linares y su sonora - "el pito" {itunes | rhapsody}
10. kovacs - "jazz:zene" {free download}
11. adam rudolph's go: organic orchestra - "thought forms" {itunes | rhapsody}
12. circadian rhythm kings - "paul's new ride" {itunes | rhapsody}
13. the new mastersounds - "102 percent" {album website}
14. the primeridian - "hang on (nicolay remix)" {itunes | rhapsody}

free ioda promonet download:

Da Mornin' AftaThe Primeridian
"Hang On" (mp3)
from "Da Mornin' Afta"
(All Natural, Inc.)

More On This Album

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 2:54 PM EST
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Monday, 22 December 2008
BSOTS 076 - friends and acquaintances...
Now Playing: BSOTS 041 - a tape of high fidelity...
Topic: my podcasts

happy holidays, everybody. hope this one finds you in good spirits wherever you are.

okay. first thing, right off the bat...this is a behemoth of a show. i was just saying to myself the other day that i probably shouldn't record a show that's longer than 80 minutes. 60 minutes is probably best and ideal, but 80 should be the maximum. this way it still fits onto a cd if someone wants to burn it and give it to a friend. well, this show is almost 90 minutes in length. i had no idea that it was going to turn out this long. however, i do think that it's for a good reason. see, all of the songs featured within this episode are original works from good friends of mine as well as friends of friends that i respect and various online brethren that i have come to know through other podcasts and/or social networking sites. this is me representing for the people that i continually build with, and it's a way of saying to them "thank you for being part of my life."

this show not only celebrates those whose music you hear, it also celebrates those whose id drops you hear, the bloggers and podcasters that i have met in person at a podcamp or some other gathering. back in the summer of 2005 when this show was just getting off the ground, i felt like i was going at it alone. i didn't know many others personally who were producing podcasts at the time or even if people would listen. three years later, i feel like i have some partners in the game, extended family throughout cyberspace who encourage me to step my game up, to keep producing shows, to write more blog entries, to continue to be active on the social media side of things. i gotta admit...that's a really great feeling.

so yeah, this is a long episode. my longest BSOTS show to date, as a matter of fact. and at times, i can't bear to hear myself speak because it's an "um" and "uh" fest. in my rush to represent for talented heads, i even incorrectly announce a song title (although i redeemed myself by acknowledging and correcting it afterwards). but we're amongst friends here. and if you can't be yourself around friends and family, then where can you? here's hoping that time allows for you to sit down with this episode in its entirety. GOD BLESS...

download ||| rss feed ||| subscribe to podcast in itunes

add to my PodNova

go here to stream shows

you can contact me via twitter, facebook, or email. THE VOICE MAIL LINE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.

id drops courtesy of bazooka joe, darrenkeith wyatt, jonny sonic, and ej flavors. theme music co-produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus. background music is the instrumental version of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus.

featured promos: friday night dance party and the half show.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
cy tru on the podsafe music network
friday favecast
video for baba and yako's "feel the change" on youtube
rabbi darkside on mtv's made
december 2008 edition of us and us for motion radio

1. groove 7 - "third sky"
2. big la vs. todd - "you can call me todd"
3. hired gun - "the okie doke (feat. tranquill)" {itunes | cdbaby.com}
4. cy tru - "playin' (feat. heuser)"
5. core rhythm - "8 am bluez" {itunes | cdbaby.com}
6. lovespirals - "this truth (grooveblaster mix)" {itunes | amazon}
7. fave nite - "touch the ground"
8. duv - "urban artistik (feat. baba israel)" {cdbaby.com}
9. baba israel and yako - "feel the change" {itunes | cdbaby.com}
10. jonny sonic - "the dive"
11. drrtyhaze - "sound of the l.e.s." {itunes}
12. rabbi darkside - "the better bomb" {itunes | cdbaby.com}
13. metro area - "miura" {itunes}
14. kway-floss - "kwizz hd. (feat. jrs)"
15. techniken defunkus - "starting out"
16. ezekiel honig - "a brief visual pattern" {itunes | other music}

BSOTS BONUS TRACK: cy tru - "play me (feat. hired gun)"

podsafe music network

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Posted by macedonia at 1:10 AM EST
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Wednesday, 17 December 2008
video: unauthorized biography of muhammad ali
Now Playing: dj diva's soul christmas mix (themixtress.com)
Topic: music appreciation

each chapter just gets better and better.  james brown was good, bob marley was inspiring, but this one...honestly, i was in awe when i saw this.

in order to experience the full effect of what shaun boothe is creating, you have to see the video.  it's rare that i'll say that:  normally i'm very "audio first, video second" in terms of how i take in new music.  this series is different, however.  you lose a lot just listening to the song.  that's not to say that the song can't hold its own without visuals...it can.  but the videos for each chapter are masterfully edited and just take the song to a whole new level.

check it out below and see if you agree...

Posted by macedonia at 12:26 PM EST
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Friday, 12 December 2008
16 random things
Now Playing: todd-o-phonic todd on wfmu

i posted this on my facebook account not too long ago and thought it'd be worth my while to cross-post it to my blog.  rules are as follows:


Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random things - shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

the people have already been tagged in facebook, which saves me the need to do it here.  let's just deal with the random things...

1.  when i was two, i had the measels, mumps, and chicken pox at the same time.  don't ask how i managed to pull off that stunt, but my mother was convinced that i was gonna die.  needless to say, i didn't.

2.  some people want an iphone for christmas.  i'd rather have a buddha machine.  perfect for trying times like these, i think.

3.  my mom's side of the family is very close and talks everything out.  my father's side is very secretive...to the point of where you'd think they were a crime syndicate.  the traits of both sides have been poured into me and depending upon who you are, you either know me as outgoing or soft-spoken.  they're both true.

4.  almost every revenge fantasy i've had this year somehow involves an air horn.  the entire telemarketing industry may want to thank their lucky stars that i have not enacted said fantasies at any point within 2008.

5.  i have a sister on my father's side named brandi whom i have not seen in decades.  due to the fam's attraction to endless drama, she broke camp a while back.  very few days have gone by this year where i haven't thought about her and how she's doing.  my daughter even sorta resembles her as a child.  i need to find her.

6.  watching *the joy of painting with bob ross* can get me out of any bad mood.  it's been that way since high school.

7.  when i walk into my apartment after work and simone runs around the corner saying "DADDY!!" and tackles my legs, there's no other place on earth i'd rather be at that moment.

8.  most of the trouble i got into in college had everything to do with the fact that A) i was a hopeless romantic trying to be a player and failing miserably, and B) i was pretending to be humble when i was actually COCKY AS F**K.

9.  i have become increasingly curious about the kalimba and the theremin and would like to learn how to play them both.

10.  my father and i are both bilingual.  we speak two languages:  english and sarcasm.

11.  beth and i spent our honeymoon in cancun, mexico back in november of '99 and i've been wanting to get back there ever since.  i've never been so relaxed in my whole life.

12.  a reoccurring daydream about stabbing a sales rep in the neck with a salad fork is the exact reason why i don't attend most of my after work office functions.  that and the fact that i only go for the food.  a co-worker's incessant smack talk about nothing isn't edible, and it's better that way, i'm sure.

13.  avoiding drugs was never a problem for me.  i can remember being six or seven, playing in the back of my father's green cadillac eldorado while him and his buddies were freebasing in the front seat.  stuff like that doesn't leave you when you get older and realize what you witnessed at a young age.

14.  in a summer program shortly after graduating high school, i was jumping around in a dorm room and put my hand through a glass partition of a ceiling lamp.  i never had to get stitches before that incident.

15.  almost half of my 35 years on this planet have been spent in a relationship with the woman i eventually married.  we are officially an old married couple.  kinda crazy to think about.

16.  on the song "papa" by prince, he says, "don't abuse children, or else they turn out like me."  while i've spent a good part of my life blocking it out of my memory, lasting images are a constant reminder that i can say the same...

Posted by macedonia at 12:32 PM EST
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