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Monday, 17 November 2008
review for impose: yoome
Now Playing: downtown soulville w/mr. fine wine (wfmu.org)
Topic: 2008 reviews
this is the last review for impose that i've written and i'm surprised that i haven't posted here about it yet because the album is phemonenal.  it's definitely on my personal top ten for 2008.  click here to read the review.

Posted by macedonia at 3:58 PM EST
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Tuesday, 11 November 2008
GOD shed His grace on thee...
Now Playing: madlib - beat konducta vol. 5: dil cosby suite
Topic: music appreciation

news flash:  mtv just became relevant again.  yeah, i'm just as shocked as you are.  enter mtvmusic.com, a music video archive site that makes up for the fact that both mtv channels don't show videos anymore and vh1 is too busy coming up with more "celebreality" shows to be bothered with videos.  and since this site actually allows you to share and embed vids (in hi-def quality, no less), figured i'd drop one on the bsots blog.

with the dawning of the age of obamanomics upon us, i choose to represent for the live version of prince and the revolution's "america," circa 1985.  this is when "his royal badness" was truly bad ass.  the band's tighter than a mosquito's posterior and eric leeds and eddie m. hold it down for the horns.  i loved the revolution as a band; i thought it was a well-oiled machine with talent and personality to spare.  this is actually longer than the six and a half minutes offered - it ends before prince gets to his drum solo.  i was always pissed at the mtv powers that be for cutting this one short back in the day while always playing the full version of bruce springsteen's "rosalita."  c-o-n...SPIRACY.  i kid, i kid...sorta.

Prince |MTV Music

Posted by macedonia at 5:52 PM EST
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Saturday, 8 November 2008
the collabocast with anji bee...
Now Playing: chillcast with anji bee - www.anjibee.com
Topic: other people's podcasts

so in the midst of my three days off, anji bee gets in touch with me.  she had been wanting to have me on the show for a while now and my time off allowed us to finally talk and do this thing.  the result is 90 minutes of us talking about everything:  our respective shows and their place in the podosphere, our college radio days, music of course...lots of stuff.  eventually we actually get around to playing some music as well.  a fun time.  serious props to anji for editing all of that down and for even thinking of having me on her show in the first place.  i consider it a privilege and an honor.

curious to know what went down?  just click here...

Posted by macedonia at 11:03 PM EST
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Monday, 3 November 2008
the get out and vote collabocast...
Now Playing: solillaquists of sound - death of the muse
Topic: other people's podcasts

big shouts to todd grundy, producer of the rhythms in black satin podcast, for planting the seed and putting out the call to his podcasting cronies to come together in the name of election day.  this show is wonderful:  each podcaster contributes a song and talks about why they feel it's important to vote.  an excellent idea and very inspirational.  i am quite proud to have been part of this one.

perfect to listen to while you're waiting on line to cast your vote tomorrow.  you can grab the show here....

Posted by macedonia at 5:43 PM EST
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BSOTS 074 - blends session: ain't we got fun...
Now Playing: get out and vote collabocast (rhythmsinblacksatin.com)
Topic: my podcasts

while recording my voiceover for this show, there was a tickle in my throat that threatened to take me out. it snuck up on me and totally caught me by surprise, resulting in a coughing fit that i wasn't ready for. no, that hasn't been captured for posterity on this show, but as a result, the talking had to be kept to a minimum. and besides that, it's another blends session, which always means more music and less talk.

for anyone wondering what the first minute of this show is all about, it's a radio promotional trailer for the human tornado, a movie starrring the late rudy ray moore a.k.a. DOLEMITE, actor, comedian, r&b singer (!), and a brother that's been rappin' long before rap music got off the ground. in his own words, "i was through with it before they knew what to DO with it!" his routines were mad raunchy, his movies were action-packed and straight-up outlandish, and i know that there are a bunch of heads who will miss this brother.

this blends session is definitely on some get-up-and-dance type stuff. i'm a dj who likes making people move, and this mix cuts right to the chase with a serious banger from the budabeats netlabel. crookram's "biggles" is definitely something i can see the b-boys and b-girls showing off their best moves to. tom caruana follows that up with the percussion heavy "sounds that surround you" - totally floored me the first time i heard it. then it's off to the netherlands with kraak & smaak, an awesome trio (no, they're not a duo) with a great midtempo number from their boogie angst album from 2006. scion a/v comes through with a lovely remix: dj ayres taking on the 45 king/wale cut, "roof." mr. dé provides a hot shuffler with "please believe it" and then ghostface killah takes over with "charlie brown." between his lyrical fury and the horn section, it packs quite a punch.

seeing as how i can't stay away from the soul and funk, what better label to bring it than brooklyn's own daptone records? loving this cut from charles bradley ("now that i'm gone"). after that, we bring it back to some hip-hop: an older joint from delinquent habits, a cool instrumental from dj dope, and a wicked mark bell remix for deltron 3030's "turbulence." further boom bap contributions include singles from dl incognito and jah-c (check the youtube video above). after that, a world music jam i've been wanting to drop on y'all for a while: hassan el soghayer's "baba shakene," solidifying the belief that harmonic hotness is a global phenomenon. GOD BLESS IODA PROMONET.

if that's not enough, then perhaps all eight minutes of "holy ghost" by the barkays will get you caught up in the spirit of things. in the immortal words of the chief rocker frankie crocker, this mix is designed to put "more dips in your hips, more cut in your strut, more glide in your stride...if you don't dig it, you KNOW you gotta hole in yo' soul..." seriously though, i hope this one's to your liking (lol)...

download ||| rss feed ||| subscribe to podcast in itunes

add to my PodNova

go here to stream shows

you can contact me via twitter, facebook, email, or the voice mail line at 206-339-8732.

id drops courtesy of ej flavors and fave nite. theme music produced by cy tru. background music is "karst" by meso.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
october episode of us and us
get out and vote collabocast

1. crookram - "biggles" {free download}
2. tom caruana - "sounds that surround you" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
3. kraak and smaak - "keep on searching" {iTunes | Napster}
4. 45 king vs. wale - "roof (dj ayres remix" {rhapsody}
5. mr. dé - "please believe it" {iTunes | Rhapsody | Amazon MP3}
6. ghostface killah - "charlie brown"
7. charles bradley and the bullets - "now that i'm gone" {iTunes}
8. delinquent habits - "let the horn blow (feat. ozomatli)"
9. dj dope - "jimmy kills us" {iTunes}
10. deltron 3030 - "turbulence (mark bell remix)" {Rhapsody}
11. dl incognito - "airplay" {iTunes}
12. jah-c - "soul banger (feat. cavalier) {hiphopsite.com}
13. hassan el soghayer - "baba shakene" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
14. the barkays - "holy ghost" {iTunes | Rhapsody}

iodapromonet free downloads:

Bric A BracTom Caruana
"Sounds That Surround You" (mp3)
from "Bric A Brac"
(Tea Sea Records)

More On This Album

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 11:32 AM EST
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Thursday, 30 October 2008
unauthorized biography of bob marley
Now Playing: hustling and bustling a few minutes before quitting time...
Topic: music appreciation

the second installment of the unauthorized biography series is there.  i was very impressed with the first one on james brown.  now shaun boothe pays his respects to bob marley.  i think this one's wonderful.  can't wait to see the next chapter, but seeing as how this is a monthly thing, i have a few weeks to go...

Posted by macedonia at 5:25 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 30 October 2008 5:26 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 21 October 2008
the order of the day...
Now Playing: beans on toast radio show [pfradio.com]

fifteen days separate me from my 35th birthday.  and i'm more concerned than happy.  while i'm looking forward to the three days off from work that start on my birthday proper, i'm not looking forward to the actual celebration of said birthday.  every year my mother calls me on the time of my birth, 4:02 p.m.  if she forgot this year, i really wouldn't be mad at her.  i just don't feel like being reminded.  but she won't forget.

last week was my father's 65th birthday.  gave him a call, which is a pointless exercise because he doesn't speak.  lately our conversations end and i wonder to myself if we have finally run out of things to say to each other.  to be brutally honest, i'm tired of putting in the effort.  i'm tired of doing all the talking.  he had a stroke this summer which slurred his speech for a bit, then things got better.  my grandmother has alzheimer's and my mom suspects that dad may have it as well.  can't say i entirely buy that, though.  all i know is that conversations between a father and son shouldn't be so silent.

where is the point that we become our parents even though we try so desperately not to?  there's too much in me that i don't want to pass on to my daughter.  and kids are sponges.  they soak up everything around them.  parenthood is undoubtedly the most difficult challenge of my life thus far.  i see anger within myself.  i see a lack of remaining calm and collected within myself.  children feed off of the feelings you project.  this is far from easy.  the complications mount when you're fighting every battle at work because you have to, but you have to pick your battles at home when it comes to disciplining your two-year old kid.

beth's on a three-day business trip starting tomorrow.  i pray that i have the mental stamina and spiritual strength to make it through this week.  actually, truth be told, the next three days don't scare me half as much as the prospect of still working at the same job when i turn 36.  careerwise, i feel like a failure.  with parenthood, failure is not an option.  i can't fail my baby girl and i don't plan to.

Posted by macedonia at 3:38 PM EDT
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Friday, 17 October 2008
new us and us episode for october...
Now Playing: naphalm f**king audio [pfradio.com]
Topic: my podcasts

okay, so the economy's tanking, the dow is up, the dow is down, the bad blood between obama and mccain supporters is spilling from buckets galore...don't ask me for a solution, all i can provide is a soundtrack.

hot off the hard drive, it's another installment of us & us for the motion podcast service.  i think this one turned out well.  lemme know what you think...

click here for file access and tracklisting...

Posted by macedonia at 5:06 PM EDT
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Friday, 10 October 2008
wax poetics documentary
Now Playing: the sounds of the work day coming to an end...but not fast enough...
Topic: music appreciation

i won't front like i read wax poetics from cover to cover, but i have respected the magazine from a distance. this documentary snippet makes me want to know more...a lot more. and has totally convinced me that i ought to pick up their coffee table anthologies and catch up on what i've missed.

by the way, they just started a digital music store. not having a record player's no longer an excuse. lucky you...

Posted by macedonia at 4:59 PM EDT
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Thursday, 9 October 2008
dey shootin'...
Now Playing: the sounds of phuture frequency with q the physicist


it was between 9:40 and 9:45 a.m. last night. i was brushing my daughter simone's teeth and getting her ready for bed. she was seated on my lap in the kitchen and i still had earplugs in my ears due to the fact that she was screaming her head off several minutes beforehand. the gun shots sounded like they were right in my back yard. if simone was startled, she didn't show it. she just sat there and let me brush her teeth.

my wife beth calls out from the bedroom. "jason?"


"were those what i think they were?"

i hesitated before answering. i didn't want it to be gunshots, either. i was hoping that garbage cans fell over in the back yard from the wind or something. " i honestly don't know."

within five minutes, the cops had blocked off our street and were searching for shell cases. beth initally thought that one of the kids downstairs had gotten their hands on a gun, but that wasn't the case. the shooting took place two houses down from us. someone fired four shots at the house (i could see where the bullets entered one of the windows this morning), jumped into a black BMW, and got the hell outta dodge.

when i dropped off simone at day care, the head provider called out to me from upstairs.




like i know who did it. all i know is this: our street has far too many kids for that to go on. kids can get into enough trouble by themselves; the last thing that they need is trouble looking for them...

Posted by macedonia at 5:09 PM EDT
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