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Friday, 29 August 2008
BSOTS 071 - BSOTS GONE (buck)wild...
Now Playing: keyboard - reflejos
Topic: my podcasts

macedonia.  self portrait.  albany, ny.  1997.


can't quite believe it's been three years already, but my daughter just turned two on august 23rd and it was a little over a year before she was born that i started this show, so yes...it has been three years.

recently i wondered what would happen if the side of me that hosted endless shouting matches with yourself took over camp lo-fi for a day. that's basically the inspiration for this show. not only that, but the first year of Radio BSOTS had its share of rants. so this episode is a bit more fuel-injected than usual. i dig up a pair of rants from my first year, along with a news feature i produced over ten years ago. it was about the increasing mainstream interest in techno/electronica. i suppose it was okay for its time, but the hardcore listeners of electronic music would probably nitpick on a few opinions passed off as fact and i wouldn't blame them for doing so. however, i will say that i was glad to interview tamara palmer, then senior editor of urb magazine. looking back, she is the voice of reason within the piece. my voice sounds entirely too "newsy," but i always had problems with my recorded voice. i'm sure there are others who feel the same. the promo that follows was inspired by the whole experience of producing the news feature, and i suppose it was my way of staying against the grain, as it were.

the songs selected for this show are perhaps a bit edgier than what's usually featured, but that's the whole point. i just wanted to let loose and play some things that push at the genre borders of the show. whereas the dj k.o. track might be expected, the dystopian boom bap of cubbiebear and food for animals might not be. truth be told, i love the angrier stuff that's on this episode. it displays a different side of Both Sides Of The Surface, and for anyone that ever listened to *endless shouting matches...*, they know that the show had an "anything goes" mentality when it came to music. so this show brings that philosophy to camp lo-fi to shake things up a bit.

i suppose i should say a few words about the bonus track. one day, i heard the lyrics to the cure's "fascination street" in my head, but they were laid out over the instrumental to presto's "conquer mentally." (check BSOTS 069 to hear the album version of the presto joint.) the blend wouldn't leave me alone, but it's not as if you could take robert smith's vocal track from the original and lay it on top of presto's beat - it would be a hot mess if you did. i don't think you could alter the vocals electronically to make it harmonically fit (although with today's technology, maybe you could). you would have to re-do the vocals altogether. one day, i tried an experiment and just sang it over the instrumental, hence "mental fascination." mind you, by "sang" i really mean "vocally did the best i could with what little chops i have." so that's what ends this episode. artistically, this is about as vulnerable as i get these days. so why on earth would i make a fool of myself by attempting to sing this? in the hopes that someone with a voice would take this idea and run with it and do it some justice. really, i want someone else to do it...and do it BETTER, which ain't hard.

i know 70 minutes of your time is pushing it, but i hope you find the time to digest this one and that it agrees with your sonic palette. whether you are a first-time listener, a long-standing BSOTS subscriber or somewhere in between, i can't thank you enough for your support for "the poor man's podcast." quick shouts before i go to cy tru for all the amazing intros he's been sending me, and to jersey todd, who believed in *endless shouting matches...* even when i didn't.

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id drop courtesy of ej flavors. theme music produced by cy tru.

background music:
techniken defunkus - "bathing"
symbolycone (s1) - "be sure (instrumental)"
the pharcyde - "4 better or 4 worse (du nu-mark remix instrumental)"
mista mayday - "pre-calc"

other key info:
endless shouting matches with yourself
the scene zine
in over your head
dj diva, the mixtress of r&b
the million dj march
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
if you like this show, be sure to check out episode number 50

1. dj k.o. - "ladder of success" {buy via iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
2. rant: macey's new year's resolution for 2006 (originally featured on BSOTS 011)
3. avagami - "mushy" {buy via iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
4. santogold - "l.e.s. artises" {buy via iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
5. cy tru - "play me (pt. one)"
6. cry.on.my.console - "superlangalang!"
7. news feature: big time for techno (originally featured on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, May 1997)
8. club 91 promo (produced by jrs in 1997 for WCDB Albany 90.9 FM)
9. myself - "baby...you drive me crazy" {buy via CD Baby | More On This Album}
10. rant: three six mafia and the 24-hour virus (originally featured on podshow music rewind 028)
11. food for animals - "shhy" {free download available here}
12. cubbiebear - "the hulk"
13. fanatic - "dream" {free download available here}
14. cottonmouth, texas - "proxy_myopic.3" {buy via iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
15. bonus track: mental fascination

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Posted by macedonia at 12:55 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 29 August 2008 1:08 AM EDT
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Friday, 29 August 2008 - 2:57 PM EDT

Name: "Bazooka Joe"
Home Page: http://solipsisticnation.com

Congrats on your three year anniversary! Listening to BSOTs is a routine I've been enjoying for the last 2.5 years and I look forward to many, many more shjows. Interesteing to hear your "angry black man" rants because you always seem so calm and collected. Hearign your radio journalism piece on electronica was a hoot because it's so <i>Not</i> you. Not the piece itself but your delivery. So polished and radio-y and different from your podcast persona.

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