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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
BSOTS 075 - BGB: rhythms and sounds from the nice side of town...
Now Playing: listening to it right now, actually...
Topic: my podcasts

(photo taken by matthew smith, saturday, august 23, 2008.  my daughter is the little girl in the background wearing the lil' life jacket, enjoying the sprinklers.  and no, that's not my wife on the left...)

i pretty much dared myself to post this picture. i think i look rather SWOLE in this shot, wearing a pair of swimming trunks that i knew were on the snug side, but i look happy. wifey and i were celebrating simone's 2nd birthday at a nearby swimming pool. it was the first time all summer (late august, no less) that we had been near a body of water. i think i chose this picture for a number of reasons. first off, it kinda sets up the idea that the "buckwild" experience offers something a little different within the BSOTS channel. second, i need to learn how to love and celebrate myself, love handles and all.

one friend from junior high and another from my old church recently nominated me as "nicest person on facebook." i had to laugh because i know that's not true. anyone who really knows me knows the angry side, the overly sarcastic side, the side that wields words like weapons. this is the side of me that hosted the "sideshow" called endless shouting matches with yourself. that show was a mess. if you think you can deal with it, by all means, click on the link. there were 16 episodes of that show recorded. the last was taken down at the request of my wife. i was depressed when i hit the record button and went straight to a place called "overshare." mostly about myself, but i referenced an argument that my wife and i had shortly before and she took issue with it. honestly, she was right to do so. maybe about six people in the universe actually heard it before it was taken down.

BSOTS GONE BUCKWILD (BGB) was started as an experiment to shake things up within the BSOTS channel and to make sure that i stay engaged. the podcasting hustle can burn a person out, so i thought it would be cool to get a little nuts every three months and just throw stuff to the wall and see what sticks. this BGB episode features party jams, political joints, and a pair of porn soundtrack selections. there's one song that's actually a request track (big shouts to tyrone in atlanta for suggesting i rep for dubstep and play some burial). tim fite's "i've been shot" is dedicated to the city of mount vernon, where i reside, for reasons i get into during the course of the show (with apologies to de la soul - you'll see why). as the robotic stewardess voice uttered on a tribe called quest's midnight marauders album, "you're no less of a man if you don't pull the trigger. you're no more of a man if you do..."

outside of the music selection, which tends to be a bit more edgy than the regular shows, the rants are what ultimately separate BGB episodes from others within the BSOTS channel. the whole reason why *endless shouting matches...* (ESM) was created was to have a space where i could vent. now that ESM has podfaded into the sunset, i think it's best to take some time and do that there, but only on a quarterly basis. we're off to the races the moment you hit the PLAY button. i have a feeling that these shows will also be longer than the regular shows (this one certainly was); hopefully you'll find it interesting and/or entertaining.

oh yeah, the ghetto freaks trailer was supplied by my man dean, fellow crate digger and good friend. i have never seen the movie before, nor has he. kinda hard to find any info on this one. and now that i've heard the trailer again, i'm not so sure i'd actually make it through a viewing...

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id drops courtesy of anji bee and james taylor. theme music is a cy tru remix featuring jonny sonic. background music consists of the following:

jim jones - "pop champagne (instrumental)"
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techniken defunkus - "bathing"

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1. the evolution control committee - "copyright criminals (straight f**kin' criminal mixdown)" {free download}
2. ill bill - "society is brainwashed"
3. jade fox - "bloody sunday"
4. mojoe - "my favorite cut"
5. sadat x - "now (feat. twan)" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
6. idiot savant - "the times"
7. j. bada - "right now (feat. maya azucena)"
8. deep throat - "she's got to have it" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
9. bernard purdie - "hap'nin" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
10. tim fite - "i've been shot" {free download}
11. burial - "ghost hardware" {iTunes | eMusic}
12. j*davey - "mr. mister" {iTunes | Napster}
13. mekka don - "dear obama" {free download}

iodapromonet free downloads:

The Beauty In Distortion - The Land of the LostJ*DaVeY
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Posted by macedonia at 10:24 PM EST
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Wednesday, 3 December 2008 - 3:48 PM EST

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