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Friday, 3 April 2009
what passes for april fool's jokes these days...
Now Playing: betty padgett - (self-titled)

okay, you're a sharp person, i trust you.  you'll be able to tell me if this is appropriate or not...

so it's april fool's day of 2009 and i'm dropping off simone at day care.  as i'm about to go, one of the attendees says, "jason, what is that bruise on simone's neck?  what happened to her?"

being the concerned parent that i am, i immediately check Simone's neck, to which the woman starts laughing and says, "APRIL FOOL!!"

i'm beyond shocked. i'm frozen with rage.  at one point, i think i muttered something to the effect of, "i'm sure in somebody's universe, that's funny."

then she says (still laughing), "now you have to get somebody."  to which i say while wearing an obviously forced smile, "it's probably a better idea if i don't."

so, appropriate or inappropriate?  if you're wrestling with this, let me remind you that a worker at a daycare center thought that they could joke about a bruise on a child...AT DAYCARE.

apparently, nothing says kneeslapper like perceived child abuse, be it real or imagined.  two days later, i'm still not laughing, but at least i don't want to smack her anymore.  until the next time that she says something stupid, which quite frankly could be any day now...

Posted by macedonia at 1:31 PM EDT
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