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Friday, 19 June 2009
analog, digital, secular, spiritual...
Now Playing: the latin project sampler
Topic: my podcasts

uncertainties abound.  as an analog child living in a digital world, i find myself lamenting the death of the analog tv signal.  pixel clusters from the converter box suggest that perhaps a stronger antenna is needed. 

just exactly how did we as a society allow so much of ourselves to be held captive by hard drives and cpus?  the moment our computers freeze or act in a way that they shouldn't, panic ensues.  just over a year old, the fairly new acer desktop in our home hasn't been itself lately.  is it a race against time to play the backup game, making sure that a brand new show doesn't get lost to digital whims, along with countless music files and pictures capturing year three of simone's life on earth?

when i say that i'm an old head forced to get into new media, i mean it.  there are certain aspects to podcasting, social media, and the digital life in general that i could do without, that i just look at and think to myself, there HAS to be an easier way.

so you turn the computer on, you hear the cooling fan turn on, power buttons light up, but it doesn't kick itself into startup mode.  don't see the acer logo, don't see the windows logo, just a blank monitor screen that's gone into standby.  hopefully the situation can be fixed and it won't cost an arm and a leg to do so.  more than that, hopefully the files can be saved.  yes i know, backup, backup, backup.  right now, our backup plan consists of remembering to put files onto CD-Rs.  with a toddler in the house, things like diapers, wipes, and clothes tend to trump an external hard drive in terms of importance.  but with the recent turn of events, it's clear that some terabyte space needs to be up in our humble abode with the quickness.

one step forward, two steps back.  some days, i feel like it's the story of my life.  or as i often say on my show, "makin' due..."

BSOTS 086 was all ready to go before this happened.  my work on the podcast normally gets done when wife and child are asleep or out of the house.  if i wait until everyone's asleep, i'm usually exhausted by then because the job sucks all life out of me.  prior to our computer being down, my wife become obsessed with this game on facebook and spent hours on it.  she's playing the game, i'm falling asleep while standing up in the kitchen washing dishes that i can never get ahead on and waiting my turn in the living room.  it'd be real easy for me to brand her a scapegoat right now, but it also wouldn't be right.  although she once thought that she caught a virus from a facebook app, we don't know what's causing the problem and pointing fingers won't help matters.

i think my biggest problem with all this is that i identify with podcasting to the point where i feel as if part of my identity has been taken away right now.  i resent the fact that most of my day is spent doing things that i have no desire doing to make a living.  and after those things are done and after household duties are taken care of for the evening, i have very little energy left for the things that i find fulfilling, if any.  meanwhile, there are others that can keep up their weekly habit of producing a show and they're getting thousands of downloads a month and they're up on their twitter/myspace/facebook/whatever else updates and their blog's all kick-ass beautiful and i feel like i'm barely hanging on with trying to produce two episodes a month.  and now that's currently hanging in limbo and i hate it.  and it makes me wonder why i've put so much of myself into this when the very tool that you need to create a podcast can suddenly turn against you.

i'll say it until i'm old and gray:  to err is human, to truly screw things up beyond reproach requires a computer.  now more than ever, i mess with the digital because i have to, not necessarily because i want to.  for all intents and purposes, i am and will remain an analog brother.

i existed before Radio BSOTS was a part of my life, i'll exist after it's done with.  not too long ago, i posted a facebook status which stated the following:

"Jason Smith is trying something new: placing meditation before music. In other words, emphasizing spending time with God (the Creator) as a higher priority before diving headfirst into beats, blips, rhymes, and notes (the creation). For the first time in my life, I'm becoming more comfortable with this much-needed switch in hierarchy..."

i'd be lying if i said i've been successful with this.  it was all good for about a week and music got real jealous.  truth is that music's been an idol with me for a long time.  i can always make time for music...and it's trumped my meditation time with God for longer than i can remember.  and i can't help but think that on some level, God's looking down on all of this and asking...

"NOW how much time do you have?"  i could be wrong, but it's just a feeling i get...

Posted by macedonia at 1:01 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 19 June 2009 1:15 PM EDT
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Friday, 19 June 2009 - 1:54 PM EDT

Name: "fg"
Home Page: http://www.soundclick.com/TechnikenDefunkus

Hope your computer feels better soon. 

 I've been thinking about investing in something like this:


used in Raid mode, both drives have to fail at the same time to lose your data. IN the meantime, can you burn to dvd-rs instead? still not a great option. 

meditation is good. necessary. I think in our media rich world we give ourselves ADD. why do I need to listen to music while I do the dishes? the zen masters would advise that each action and motion should be your moment. washing a bowl is a ritual. We are a culture of escapists. I know because I am one. writing this right now is me escaping from my work.

 but music is a healthy form of escape, I think. it uses a different part of the brain, stimulates us, relaxes us, lowers stress. so yeah, it's a drug. but so is ibuprophen. so is insulin. so is love.


Friday, 19 June 2009 - 5:26 PM EDT

Name: "anji bee"
Home Page: http://www.anjibee.com

hey baby i am so sorry to hear about this rough patch. wish i could drop in and help you out. don't like to see ya get bitter, it isn't pretty! i'll wait for your show and just know that you will get through this and find your way back to the mic in time.

Saturday, 27 June 2009 - 1:06 AM EDT

Name: "suz thembi"

I hear you on the digital world.. I work in it and consume the information in it... or sometimes I feel like it consumes me.. 

 definitely please get backup... seen a  few loses by friends and clients because at least a simple USB backup wasnt done.

keep meditating even if its only 10-15 minutes before you play your music.. perhaps its not either or from God.. but paying homage to him before you embark on fully using the skills he has given.

.... one weekend 2 weeks ago I listened to your entire podcast library while I was working on a website.. I was in a great productive place not the least because of your talent in picking the beats and music...  Thank you!!  

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