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Friday, 15 September 2006
aloe blacc - shine through
Now Playing: the push bin w/lou on wfmu.org
Topic: 2006 reviews

Shine Through
Stones Throw
Year of release: 2006

It was around summertime last year that Aloe Blacc was gettin' dap for his work alongside DJ Exile as Emanon. However, it is through his debut album for Stones Throw that the world will come to know his many talents. Kinda easy to see why some heads dubbed him "the indie R. Kelly" - brother's on some nasty mon business on a number of tracks, particularly the dancehall-bumpin' "Are You Ready" and the straight outta 12 Play talk on "Arrive." Later on during "Want Me," Aloe warns, "this ain't a love song - i'm tryna put it on ya." (At least the brother's honest.) Thankfully, this isn't the only trick he knows how to turn. "Busking" sounds like an old folk song made up on the spot at a bus stop, and is easily one of the album's most memorable moments. Check the midtempo Latin shuffle of "Bailar," where Aloe sings and rhymes in Spanish. For further reminders that the brother can spit, listen to "Caged Birdsong," with its social commentary and inner city pressures. The brother also crafts his own beats, with two exceptions on this album: Madlib's behind the boards for "One Inna" and Oh No pitches a beauty for the Sam Cooke cover ("Long Time Coming"). Furthermore, I propose that "I'm Beautiful" should be taught to every child in elementary schools nationwide, if not the world. Why can't all R&B albums be this interesting?


Aloe Blacc's page on Stones Throw

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Posted by macedonia at 11:18 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 1:12 PM EDT
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Sunday, 10 September 2006
BSOTS 026 - songs for my daughter
Now Playing: ammoncontact - one for ayler
Topic: my podcasts

so this is the story of the lovely miss simone elizabeth smith and the day that she was born into the world...as i remember it, anyway. (my wife's recollection would make a great show, i'm sure...) this started out as a virtual mixtape for her, but grew into something more after she got here. podsafe songs are interwoven into the story, ranging from silly pop music to atmospheric drum and bass and downtempo stuff. i'll link to the online gallery soon, promise...

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moshang*and she swung {buy song at soundclick}
the garden flower*don't wanna mess with me
dykehouse*the merryes syndrome
mr. tunes*princess unforgiving {buy song at broadjam}
sankofa bass project*angel rising
goldlix*atoll moao

other key info:
sankofa bass project on pmn

Posted by macedonia at 11:02 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 16 August 2006
the devil and dave chappelle
Now Playing: michael shelley on wfmu
Topic: articles

want to know what Chappelle's freakout was really all about? William Jelani Cobb brings the science in this great article from seeingblack.com.

Posted by macedonia at 10:19 AM EDT
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BSOTS 025 - blends sessions three: from around the way...
Now Playing: michael shelley on wfmu
Topic: my podcasts

with the one-year anniversary of Radio BSOTS here, it's only right that i show my heads some love and give them all some much-needed exposure. most of these artists can be found over at the podsafe music network. hip-hop and electronic music - just gonna hit it and quit this time...

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sankofa bass project*the funky drummer meets the swordsman
mista mayday*reflections (instrumental)
hired gun*the next {buy the album at CDBaby.com}
baba israel and yako*survivor (feat. breez evahflowin){buy the album at CDBaby.com}
conscious*king 45
core rhythm*reloaded {buy the album at CDBaby.com}
techniken defunkus*ever after {free download available here
ezekiel honig*going sailing {click here for buy info}

other key info:
sankofa bass project on pmn
hired gun on pmn
baba israel and yako on pmn
conscious on pmn

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Posted by macedonia at 10:17 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 1:18 PM EDT
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Thursday, 27 July 2006
BSOTS 024 - the last before the first...
Now Playing: nettle - firecamp stories remixes [theAgriculture]
Topic: my podcasts

when i started recording this show last week, the northeast was in the midst of a severe heatwave: 100-degree days, major humidity and all that. after a mic session, the recorder would be boiling hot, so i decided to wait to finish up until cooler temps prevailed. i have the window up while recording, so if you hear passing cars in the background, you'll know why.

with the exception of caural, the songs featured in this episode can be found over at the podsafe music network. caural came from promonet. the pmn is no joke - you even have the godfather of soul reppin' in there now. gotta love it...

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dminor*watching you {buy it at CDBaby}
conscious*penmenship {myspace}
force theory*attack
cling*slipping away (of the darkness remix)
gym class heroes*taxi driver
caural*krylon psychology (buy links provided below)
james brown*gut bucket

Suicide/ Krylon Psychology

Suicide/ Krylon Psychology

The Consumers Research and Development Label

background music courtesy of techniken defunkus ("bathing" and "friendly fire")

other key info:
radio bsots featured in journal news article (wanna see a picture?)
in over your head
[insert clever name]

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Posted by macedonia at 12:12 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 1:21 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 26 July 2006
would mudfoot approve of this?
Now Playing: put the needle on the record w/billy jam (wfmu.org)
Topic: articles

the way i see it, the Bill Cosby that created the Fat Albert series is long gone. we don't even have the same Cosby that starred in the memorable Himself stand-up comedy flick. and while Heathcliff Huxtable remains a father's father, we don't have him either. instead, we're stuck with Old Coot Cosby, the guy who's on the nationwide tour telling young people to pull their pants up and turn off that "filth-flarn-filth" and letting everyone know within earshot that poor black folk will be our downfall. and it seems as if all of the Jello pudding pops in the world won't make him change his mind.

i'm only 32, and Lord knows that i'm as bitter as hell, but i hope i don't become as conservative as Cos when i get older. at any rate, check out this Washington Post article where Michael Eric Dyson continues to challenge Cosby's rhetoric...

Posted by macedonia at 5:25 PM EDT
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Monday, 24 July 2006
"whadaya mean you started a new show?!?"
Now Playing: the hum of my computer lulling me to sleep...
Topic: my podcasts

i know, it's nuts. Radio BSOTS is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary, my wife is almost eight months pregnant and we've been getting ready for the blessed arrival, work kicks my ass on the regular monday-friday, been writing reviews for impose magazine, and what do i go and do?

i start up a new show. yeah, i know, i'm crazy.

which is exactly WHY i needed to start this show. just go, i'll explain everything when you get there...

endless shouting matches with yourself

um...you *might* not want to play this one in the work place. i'm just sayin'...

Posted by macedonia at 12:21 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 11 July 2006
Now Playing: black uhuru - i love king selassie
Topic: my podcasts

today's copy of the journal news (a newspaper that covers most, if not all, of westchester county) features an article on podcasters in westchester, with a few quick quotes from yours truly.

click here to read the article online. also heard that this article appeared in the paper in rockland county as well. some cat up in connecticut blogged about it and happened to post the photos of me that appeared in the paper. click here to check out the shots...

(kinda funny that he includes me in the broadband revolution when i'm still doing everything via dial-up connections, but hey...you won't tell, i won't tell...)

Posted by macedonia at 11:22 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 17 July 2006 3:40 PM EDT
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BSOTS 023 - music and moodswings (but mostly music...)
Now Playing: fela anikulapo kuti - open & close
Topic: my podcasts

reppin' for locust hill as a shorty.  yonkers, ny.  late 1970s.

i've really got to get a new microphone. craptacular ain't cute anymore. perhaps one of these days i'll learn not to record mic sessions after my driving lessons. that's a guaranteed rant waiting to happen. at any rate, good music this episode, so seek out those buylinks and support these artists.

all songs featured in this episode (with the exception of dudley perkins) can be found over at the podsafe music network or promonet.

download ||| subscribe

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- show id from jonny sonic -
asamov*blow your whistle (remix) {buy it at emusic}
conscious*getcha {pmn}
jneiro jarel*big bounce theory (buy link information below)
- quick shout from hired gun of 3rd party -
reddyo*someone {pmn}
dudley perkins*dear God {buy it at itunes or emusic}
brookville*nothing's meant to last (buy link information below)

Three Piece Puzzle

Three Piece Puzzle

Jneiro Jarel
Ropeadope Records

Life In The Shade

Life In The Shade

Unfiltered Records

other key info:
the chillcast with anji bee
best of the worst podcast with jammin dave jackson
small world podcast with host bazooka joe
the BSOTS testimonial

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Posted by macedonia at 12:58 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 1:27 PM EDT
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Friday, 30 June 2006
memoirs of a reluctant disciple
Now Playing: kerrier district - yesco
Topic: my podcasts

so this isn't an actual episode. rather it's a testimonial that i've been working on for the last couple of months. i had some life questions that i've been contemplating. this is an audio document of me talking out loud to self and to GOD. i suppose you could call it a Christian with doubts (or seriously "off days") perspective. this is much more personal and spiritual in nature than the regular BSOTS episodes, which is why it is not included in the feed. instead, this is only available as a direct download to those who might find it of interest.

this file contains discussions of spirituality and religion, namely Christianity, with references to Jesus Christ sprinkled throughout. if that sort of thing offends you, feel free to skip over it. in addition, this testimonial is largely based on some earlier blog entries of mine, which you can find here.


please note: as of friday, november 17, 2006, this file become episode #5 of endless shouting matches with yourself.

interlude: secret of the saints no. 481
john oswald*power {buy it at emusic}
part one: one step at a time...
idmonster*the storm before the calm {download entire ep for free at notype.com}
part two: lead me not into temptation...
mangomad*so pure
part three: the story of my life (i wanted to tell her...)
geeez n' gosh*nobody knows/we call on Him {buy it at emusic}

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Posted by macedonia at 12:16 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 17 November 2006 5:24 PM EST
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