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Thursday, 9 October 2008
dey shootin'...
Now Playing: the sounds of phuture frequency with q the physicist


it was between 9:40 and 9:45 a.m. last night. i was brushing my daughter simone's teeth and getting her ready for bed. she was seated on my lap in the kitchen and i still had earplugs in my ears due to the fact that she was screaming her head off several minutes beforehand. the gun shots sounded like they were right in my back yard. if simone was startled, she didn't show it. she just sat there and let me brush her teeth.

my wife beth calls out from the bedroom. "jason?"


"were those what i think they were?"

i hesitated before answering. i didn't want it to be gunshots, either. i was hoping that garbage cans fell over in the back yard from the wind or something. " i honestly don't know."

within five minutes, the cops had blocked off our street and were searching for shell cases. beth initally thought that one of the kids downstairs had gotten their hands on a gun, but that wasn't the case. the shooting took place two houses down from us. someone fired four shots at the house (i could see where the bullets entered one of the windows this morning), jumped into a black BMW, and got the hell outta dodge.

when i dropped off simone at day care, the head provider called out to me from upstairs.




like i know who did it. all i know is this: our street has far too many kids for that to go on. kids can get into enough trouble by themselves; the last thing that they need is trouble looking for them...

Posted by macedonia at 5:09 PM EDT
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Monday, 6 October 2008
BSOTS 073 - goodbye summer, have a great fall...
Now Playing: tito puente - "tito's mambo"
Topic: my podcasts


for the past three or four weeks, i've had no internet connection. and you know what i've found out? I CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT. granted, a dial-up connection's coming back to my house and i could have FIOS by november. but if i didn't get it back at home at all, it would be a nuisance, but nothing life threatening. i continue to define myself as an old head that was forced to get into new media. i'd rather have two turntables, a microphone, and the airwaves. instead, it's a computer, piles of MP3s, a microphone, a usb recorder, a mixer, and an rss feed. it's better than nothing, but the more i have to rely on technology and computers, the more i like pad and pencil. is it weird for a podcaster to say that?

a nice mix of sources for today's tunes, coming from the podsafe music network, ioda promonet, ariel publicity, and some creative commons works from a pair of netlabels. there was so much great material to play that the playlist kept getting changed around. here's what made the final cut...

download ||| rss feed ||| subscribe to podcast in itunes

add to my PodNova

go here to stream shows

you can contact me via twitter, facebook, email, or the voice mail line at 206-339-8732.

id drops courtesy of darrenkeith wyatt and ej flavors. theme music co-produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
september episode of us and us

1. oddisee - "sand to the beach" {iTunes | Rhapsody | More On This Album}
2. dj k.o. - "someday (feat. talib kweli, torae, john robinson, and tiffany paige)" {iTunes | Rhapsody | More On This Album}
3. hired gun - "locust culture (feat. core rhythm)" {CDBaby}
4. apes on tapes - "grand 5" {free download}
5. juba dance - "the porpoise et la mer"
6. dapayk solo - "right here" {free download}
7. the pimps of joytime - "joytime radio" {amazon.com}
8. aaron jerome - "late night mission (feat. yungun)" {amazon.com}
9. natalie walker - "pink neon (the amalgamation of soundz dub)" {release info}
10. the foreign exchange - "daykeeper (feat. muhsinah)" {free download}
11. rodriguez - "sugar man" {iTunes | Rhapsody | More On This Album}

iodapromonet free downloads:

Orange JuicedJuba Dance
"The Porpoise et La Mer" (mp3)
from "Orange Juiced"
(Audio 8 Recordings)

More On This Album

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 2:45 PM EDT
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Friday, 3 October 2008
juba dance - orange juiced
Now Playing: friday night dance party podcast
Topic: 2008 reviews

Orange Juiced:  Remixes & B-Sides
[Audio 8 Recordings]
Release Date:  September 23, 2008

As a follow-up to their debut album Orange, Ben Lamar and Polyphonic the Verbose (otherwise known as Juba Dance) present a collection of new songs along with some remixes.  While this project does push the boundaries of musical genres, some experiments don’t always prove successful.  However, their hits certainly outnumber their misses.  Juba Dance is at its best when channeling their hip-hop influences through other formulas.  The best example would be “The Porpoise et La Mer,” R&B deep-fried in electronics and topped with b-boy swagger that’s undercut with real man sensitivity.  Planet Juba is consistently off its axis, which makes for unexpected listening pleasures.  “Vivo Viajar” is aurally seductive while remaining enigmatic in classification.  “Gone” is soulful techno that, for all its harmonic oddities, is surprisingly accessible.  The revisited material receives admirable remix work, from Sicker Man’s head-nodding take on “Cachaáa” to Turbo-Rexxa’s electro spin on “Union Hall.”  Orange Juiced will quench the thirst of the musically dehydrated, but sip slowly for best results.   -JRS

Posted by macedonia at 11:24 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 1 October 2008
review for impose: flying lotus
Now Playing: nickel & dime radio w/small change (wfmu.org)
Topic: 2008 reviews

for those that don't know, you need to know one simple thing:  FLYING LOTUS IS THE TRUTH.  easily one of the most brilliant producers in electronic music today.  this album will definitely be on my top ten of the year.  absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.  whatever he's producing or remixing, pick it up on sight...you'll never go wrong.

click here for a review of his full-length for warp records...

Posted by macedonia at 5:31 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
review for impose: plant life - time traveler
Now Playing: the new york groove on eastvillageradio.com
Topic: 2008 reviews

for the record, i like the debut album better, but there are some good songs on this album and the production is noticeably polished.  dug the demo feel of the first album, though.

anyways...click here to

Posted by macedonia at 4:18 PM EDT
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Monday, 29 September 2008
review for impose: carolina funk
Now Playing: herbie hancock - watermelon man (kenny dope remixes)
Topic: 2008 reviews
here's another review that i wrote for impose that past summer.  funk from the carolinas courtesy of now-again/stones throw.  seriously good.  click here to check out the review...

Posted by macedonia at 5:03 PM EDT
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Friday, 26 September 2008
the unauthorized biography of james brown...
Now Playing: koen park - geothermal (acroplane.org)
Topic: music appreciation

apparently, this is the start of a series that artist shaun boothe is behind. he's real nice with the videos, from what i hear. the above should give you some idea of what we're in for. shaun plans to cover 12 artists in 12 months. i'm down. how about you?

Posted by macedonia at 3:29 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 24 September 2008
my new gig (so to speak...)
Now Playing: the fat albert orchestra and chorus - fat albert

in addition to writing for impose magazine, i have recently become part of the writing staff for the relaunched reviewyou.com site.  check the writers page - i'm the smarmy-looking brother, second writer from the top...

Posted by macedonia at 3:32 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 23 September 2008
the return of *us and us*....
Now Playing: the sunday soundtrack (vibesnscribes.com)
Topic: my podcasts

hooray hooray...after a summer with no shows for motion radio, i finally posted a new episode of us and us and it feels good.  i am committed to making that show a monthly thing.  that was my original intention, but i admittedly fell off during the summer.  the space at motion radio (and its larger entity, phuture frequency) feels right.  there are some great people there releasing some amazing dj sets, from drum and bass to house, breaks, dubstep, soul and funk, a little bit of jazz...just phenomenal music.  and i am proud to be a part of it.

but enough of my talking about it - go check the tracklisting and hear the show for yourself...

Posted by macedonia at 11:20 AM EDT
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Thursday, 18 September 2008
nine years, baby....
Now Playing: soulsearching w/michael ruetten (giantstep.net)
mr. and mr. macedonia at siesta key beach, florida, march 2006

as of today, nine years married, 16 years together.  we are officially old fogies.  and i thank GOD that we've made it this far.  some serious challenges and screw-ups along the way (and more trials to come, i'm sure), but we've made it through together.  come what may, we'll go through it together. 

i can honestly say that my life would be hella boring without beth in it.  this is what it's all about...

Posted by macedonia at 5:50 PM EDT
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