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Monday, 12 July 2010
BSOTS 103 - BGB: Avoiding Explosions Within A Nuclear Summer...
Now Playing: Panacea - Corkscrew Gaps (EP)
Topic: my podcasts

I kept going back and forth with this episode. I didn't know whether it was going to be a mixtape type of show but with "buckwild" musical leanings, or if I would preserve the BGB format and keep the rants at the center. In the end, it's sort of this weird fusion of both. Talking is left to the rants, so it's not like I'm introducing songs or talking about the music at all. The show moves a lot faster, in my opinion. Besides, I figure the music is amazing enough to speak for itself, plus I could always express whatever thoughts I had about the songs here in the show notes.

While I save my rants for the "buckwild" shows, the music is still the main draw. I have ended many horrible days at work with M.I.A.'s "Born Free" and if I'm gonna give props to her, I have to show respect to the seminal electronic punk band, Suicide. "Born Free" samples liberally from Suicide's song, "Ghost Rider." Atari Teenage Riot's "Activate" is another one of those songs that helped me get the rage out. Interestingly enough, I play a song from CX Kidtronik right after "Activate" and it turns out that CX is the newest member of Atari Teenage Riot. Kidtronik's "School Sucks" is a song that I've always liked and speaks to the hopelessness some kids feel regarding their dealings with the public education system. It was only right to follow that one up with Rabbi Darkside's "Thank Hip Hop Remix," which features a number of MCs that are also educators (a number of whom I know personally). Very interesting backstory on why this song was created: you can find it at Rabbi Darkside's Bandcamp page.

My cop stop story (along with Richard Pryor's on-point commentary) seems rather timely in the midst of the verdict from the Oscar Grant trial. And considering that Independence Day just passed, I threw in a theory from the always irreverent and drop-dead funny Paul Mooney. While it might be just a hunch, he may just have a point. I've wanted to play Youngblood Brass Band's "Nuclear Summer" on this show for a while; it's the song that partially inspired this episode's title. Strangely enough, I had Jonny Sonic's "Decompressor" picked out for the show prior to knowing all of the lyrics. It was only after placing it into the show that I read the lyrics for the first time. He pretty much nailed my mental and emotional state as of late...so much so that it almost makes me uncomfortable because reading the lyrics was like looking into a mirror that put my soul on blast. Read the lyrics when you get a chance...100 percent real talk.

The show kicks off with a "Buckle Up" spot from the Ad Council, which was part of a campaign aimed directly at urban radio. I think some African-Americans got offended by it and all five spots were eventually pulled. They're all kind of twisted in a special way. Oh yeah, keep tabs on Homeboy Sandman, who provides the closing song for this episode. He's been getting love from Gilles Peterson recently on his World Wide show on BBC Radio 1. He even called for a rewind on one of Homeboy's cuts the first time he played it because he liked it so much, saying that the Sandman reminded him of Aceyalone from Freestyle Fellowship. Can't get a better ringing endorsement than that...

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Theme music produced by Cy Tru featuring vocals by Jonny Sonic. Background music includes "Ghettoblaster (Marumari Remix)" by Kid 606, "Easy" by Mr. Meridies, "Abandoned Factory" by Vladimir Cosma, and "After The Gold Rush" by Ben Neill. id drops courtesy of Anji Bee and Jonny Sonic.

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this episode's tracklist:
1. Rusko - "Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2. M.I.A. - "Born Free" {iTunes}
3. Food For Animals - "Elephants" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4. Esquivel - "El Cable" {FREE DOWNLOAD | Napster}
5. Son of Bazerk and the No Self Control Band - "I Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
6. Kidkanevil - "ZoOoOoOp!!! (feat. Oddisee)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
7. Madvillian - "Papermill" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
8. Core Rhythm - "No Need" {iTunes}
9. Atari Teenage Riot - "Activate" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
10. CX Kidtronik - "School Sucks (feat. Deuce Gangsta)" {iTunes}
11. Rabbi Darkside - "Thank Hip Hop Remix (prod. by Mista Mayday & Unpaid Bill)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
12. Youngblood Brass Band - "Nuclear Summer" {iTunes}
13. Jonny Sonic - "Decompressor" {Buylink}
14. People Like Us & Wobbly - "Bad News" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
15. Shad - "Yaa I Get It" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
16. Homeboy Sandman - "Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}

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Posted by macedonia at 12:15 AM EDT
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