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Sunday, 4 March 2007
spinnin' pretty in jersey city: macedonia on wfmu
Now Playing: aunt jessica - thin air
Topic: music appreciation

this morning, i hosted WFMU's Listener Hour. with my podcast, i'm always concerned with making sure everything that i play is "podsafe" - getting permission from artists and labels or acquiring music from online safe havens like the podsafe music network or ioda promonet. with that said, it was nice to be able to spin whatever i wanted for an hour. i'm so happy that i got a chance to do this. still all smiles at the end of the day... brought back a lot of great memories of college radio for me...

after a nervous slip-up in the beginning, it was relatively smooth sailing from here. fumbling over my words a little bit, but it's been a while since i've been on the air (almost nine years since i last hosted a radio show at WCDB). i had a lot of fun and it was a great way to start off the morning. many thanks to Brian Turner for getting things set up. respect due to Bill Mac and Michael Shelley for great shows before me and after me, respectively.

below is a playlist on the songs broadcast for my edition of the Listener Hour. audio archives of the show are hosted by WFMU and can be found here. i'm listed under my birth name (jason smith) for march 3, 2007. normally, streaming MP3 files are online for two weeks before they're taken off the site. the realaudio files stay up there forever...

listen in realaudio

(artist * title * album * label * format)
the company * gumboot dance * king kong (london production cast) * decca * LP
continental four * escape from planet earth * [45 single] * jay-walking * 7"

ultra living * entwurf * [split single] * after hours * 12"
bama the village poet * nothingness * ghettos of the mind * aware * LP
sun city girls * souvenirs from jangare * three fake female orgasms * majora * 2x7"
macedonia (afronaut) * my voice * analog delusions of grandeur * (no label) * CD-R
mysterious minds * it's real * mind over matter * mystic minds * LP

video kids * woodpeckers from space * woodpeckers from space (single) * break * 12"
belgradeyard sound system * munchies (edit) * munchies (single) * earsugar * 7"
ralph carmichael feat. pat boone * the addicts psalm * resurrection - the amplified bible of heavenly grooves * second coming * LP
lavice & company * thoughs (sic) were the days * good god!: a gospel funk hymnal * numero group * CD

daniel givens * light travel (fetch the future) * dayclear and first dark * aesthetics * CD
capitol k * pillow * pillow (single) * xl recordings * 12"
max tundra * coming up * cabasa (single) * domino * 12"
push * after hours * contemptous/after hours (single) * blue lunch * 7"

cosmo vitelli * we don't need no smurf here * we don't need no smurf here (single) * solid * 12"

Posted by macedonia at 12:04 AM EST
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Friday, 2 March 2007
BSOTS 036 - this is who we are...
Now Playing: mishoo the drumkit - "one person"
Topic: my podcasts

it's a podsafe music celebration of Blackness, basically, with music provided by podsafe music network and promonet. some hip-hop, some rock, and some electronic music touched by a servant of GOD (you'll know it when you hear it...)

if you dig Radio BSOTS, please digg this show. thanks...

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go here to stream shows

x-clan * weapon x (buylink info provided below)

drop squad * the drop

king britt / sister gertrude morgan * let's make a record (buylink info provided below)

black sheep * who dat

phil moore browne * biomass (buylink info provided below)

nadir * guantanamo

tv on the radio * staring at the sun

background music used is the instrumental version of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus. you can download the entire song here.

promonet links:

Return From Mecca

Download "Weapon X" (mp3)
from "Return From Mecca"
by X-Clan
Suburban Noize Records

More On This Album

King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan

Download "Let's Make a Record" (mp3)
from "King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan"
by king britt
Ropeadope Records

More On This Album

Baggage Smasher

Download "Biomass" (mp3)
from "Baggage Smasher"
by Phil Moore Browne
Hot Dog City Record Co.

More On This Album

other key info:
saturday march 3, 2007 - macedonia hosts the listener hour on wfmu
solipsistic nation: the exquisite corpse mix

Technorati tags: , , , , , , , ,

Posted by macedonia at 1:09 AM EST
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Friday, 23 February 2007
if this doesn't get me active, nothing will...
Now Playing: djserv1 - j dilla tribute

about a half hour ago, i'm helping out a customer with correcting prices on their purchase order. somewhere in the middle of the conversation, the customer sighs and says, "i'm getting a headache...you do this for a living?" after a necessary pause (because i couldn't believe that i was given an opening like that by a customer), i simply said, "unfortunately, yes." a few more seconds go by and he respoonds with, "well, it's not what i would want to do for a living, i can tell you that."

that's it. i have GOT to get out of here. and if this doesn't get me active, nothing will.

Posted by macedonia at 12:53 PM EST
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Friday, 16 February 2007
kruder & dorfmeister - g-stoned ep
Now Playing: wefunkradio.com
Topic: music appreciation

this is the joint that turned me on to g-stone back in 1994, i think it was. when eightball records was still open in nyc, the cat playing records behind the counter wouldn't let me leave the store until he played something from k&d. the cut was "high noon." it had me dancing in the store. been one of my favorite cuts ever since.

i love the fact that they replicated a simon & garfunkel album cover perfectly with their poses - it's almost eerie how exact it is. i hear that this is difficult to find on vinyl these days, so i figured i'd throw up the bleep player and let heads check out some joints. on the real, if you don't have it already, cop this...

Posted by macedonia at 5:37 PM EST
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Tuesday, 6 February 2007
BSOTS 035 - blends session: the return of the eclecticon
Now Playing: aloe blacc - happy now? (stonesthrow.com)
Topic: my podcasts

i have got to find another system for getting my show notes done. no more of this "put them up two days after i post my show" crap...

this is the first BSOTS blends session of the new year. musically, it's all over the place. some house, a little broken beat, brass bands, electronic funk and pop...it's another one of those "you're just gonna have to trust me" mixes. i do like how things start off. there's something about the opener that reminds me of early prince. perhaps it's the bass and the freeze-dried drum kit sounds in it. then there's psykosoul, who's all about his royal badness. check out the title of the song: that's "prince" spelled backwards. the title is the exact copyright prince published his songs under for his first album.

some of these songs go on for way too long, so it's more of a string songs together type of thing than full-on segues. at any rate, hope there's something you dig on here.

speaking of which, if you're diggin' Radio BSOTS and you also happen to hang out at digg.com, please digg this podcast. thanks...

download ||| subscribe

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go here to stream shows

the flavor foundation * when miles smiles

psykosoul * 1978 ecnirp music

yamasaki * deep six (something deeper) feat. emeson

roisin murphy * sow into you

skeletons & the girl-faced boys * git {free download available at ghostly.com

ron wess musaq * a time out on the towne tonite {buy song at pmn)

richard dorfmeister vs. madrid de los austrias * on the moon maybe (buylink information provided below)

nina simone * turn me on (tony humpries vocal mix)

spiritual south vs. sleeptalker sleepwalker * hullabaloo (buylink information provided below)

mark de cliwe-lowe * state of the mental (feat. bembe segue) {buylink information provided below}

youngblood brass band * sell me more or like you just don't care

promonet links:

Grand Slam

Download "On the Moon Maybe" (mp3)
from "Grand Slam"
by Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias
G-Stone Recordings

More On This Album

Hullabaloo / Calypso Blues

Download "Hullabaloo" (mp3)
from "Hullabaloo / Calypso Blues"
by Spiritual South & Sleeptalker Sleepwalker
Raw Fusion Recordings

More On This Album

Slide b/w State of The Mental

Download "State of the Mental" (mp3)
from "Slide b/w State of The Mental"
by Mark de Clive-Lowe
ABB Records

More On This Album

other key info:
macedonia spinning at yorokobi on friday 2.9.07 (presented by koncepshun.org)

Technorati tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Posted by macedonia at 12:56 AM EST
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Thursday, 1 February 2007
BSOTS 034 - podsafe picks for 2006 (pt. three)
Now Playing: Nickel & Dime Radio w/Small Change (wfmu.org)
Topic: my podcasts

this show wraps up the look back at 2006 with a few artists i hadn't gotten around to yet. of course, i have to give my local heads some love, so i rock a quick mini-set on their behalf. hip-hop and electronic joints mainly for this episode.

both the dj wally and dj olive albums i rep for on this show are sick. ditto for dabrye as well. how sick? preview some cuts from each via the embedded bleep players and you be the judge.

and as i like to say as of late, if you're diggin' the show, please digg this show. respect due...

download ||| subscribe

add to my PodNova
Vote for Radio BSOTS at PodcastAlley.com

go here to stream shows

dj wally/dj willie ross*a strole down sutter avenue {free download available at theagriculture.com}

dj olive*sub bass commandante {free download available at theagriculture.com}

kankick*blood in i eye {buylink information provided below}

dabrye*encoded flow (feat. kadence) {free download available at ghostly.com}

baba israel and yako*emergency (feat. toli nameless) {buy the album at CDBaby.com}

frequency activism*SUVs (feat. farbeon of 3rd party)

ezekiel honig*books on tape

jonny sonic*medicine

promonet links:


Download "Blood In I Eye" (mp3)
by Kankick
Ramp Recordings

More On This Album

other key info:
endless shouting matches with yourself
baba and yako's official website
frequency activism on myspace
jonny sonic's official website
buy 3rd party's separation of powers album at CDBaby.com

opening theme includes the closing portion of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus. (background music happens to be the instrumental from the same tune.) you can download the entire song here.

Technorati tags: , , , , , , , ,

Posted by macedonia at 3:39 PM EST
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Wednesday, 31 January 2007
Radio BSOTS exclusive clip on Podshow Music Rewind...
Now Playing: burning spear - holy dub
Topic: my podcasts

show #53 of the Rewind premiered this week and i'm representing for Jonny Sonic in an exclusive clip for this episode. my bit's about 14.5 minutes into the show. other contributing podcasters this episode include Jack Elias of Get Jacked!, Mike Wills of New Music Today, Derek The Bandit of Sound Republic, and of course, Marcus Couch of The Scene Zine.

you can go here to check out this episode. just before my clip, Marcus takes a minute to tear Rob of podcast411 a new one regarding some remarks he made on a show recently. amazing the stuff you miss when you're not constantly plugged in...

Posted by macedonia at 12:11 PM EST
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Friday, 19 January 2007
12 albums from 2006 that i adored...
Now Playing: the push bin with lou (wfmu.org)
Topic: music appreciation

3rd party - separation of powers
aloe blacc - shine through
ammoncontact - with voices
baba israel and yako - beatbox dub poetics
core rhythm - nat turner reloaded
ezekiel honig - scattered practices
jay dee (j dilla) - donuts
jonny sonic - coop resident
london elektricity - power ballads
relay - still point of turning
various artists - good GOD!: a gospel funk hymnal
various artists - soul gospel 2

Posted by macedonia at 1:28 PM EST
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we distort, you comply...
Now Playing: the push bin with lou (wfmu.org)
Topic: articles

apparently such a twisting of a mass media slogan doesn't just apply to Fox News: check out what happened to an American Studies professor on CNN via this article. seriously jacked up situation...

Posted by macedonia at 1:26 PM EST
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Sunday, 14 January 2007
BSOTS 033 - podsafe picks for 2006 (pt. two)
Now Playing: walking on headshells mix tape
Topic: my podcasts

pretty good lineup of '06 highlights for this episode, all of them courtesy of ioda promonet. big shouts to them for making sure that a podcaster always has great music to play, both new releases and back catalog. respect.

my favorite song on this episode: "chips - chicken - banana split." funky drum breaks, punchy horns, the whole nine. next up would probably be "africa hot!" it's like new school afrobeat - i'm feelin' it. then there's the darc mind joint that i close with. kind of ironic that anticon records would end up releasing that album, seeing as how you can cause hip-hop electronic bulletin boards to go into meltdown just talking about that label. seems like headz either love or hate that label, depending upon who you talk to.

thanks for joining me for another episode. if you're diggin' BSOTS, please digg this show. peace, y'all...

download ||| subscribe

add to my PodNova

go here to stream shows

American Me 12

Download "Smoke In The Air" (mp3)
from "American Me 12""
by C.L. Smooth
Shaman Work

Grand Slam

Download "Make Dis Real (Radio Edit)" (mp3)
from "Grand Slam"
by Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias
G-Stone Recordings

Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974

Download "Chips - Chicken - Banana Split" (mp3)
from "Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974"
by Various Artists
Light In The Attic

From the Soil To the Soul

Download "Salve" (mp3)
from "From the Soil To the Soul"
by Tommy Guerrero
Quannum Projects

Beatboxes At Dawn

Download "Back To The Edit" (mp3)
from "Beatboxes At Dawn"
by E.Moss
The Consumers Research and Development Label

Africa Hot! - The Afrofuture Sessions

Download "Africahot!" (mp3)
from "Africa Hot! - The Afrofuture Sessions"
by Wale Oyejide
Shaman Work

Symptomatic of a Greater Ill

Download "Outside Looking In" (mp3)
from "Symptomatic of a Greater Ill"
by Darc Mind

other key info:
chillcast episode 34: g-stone spotlight
gilles peterson worldwide

promo featured: friday night dance party podcast

opening theme includes the closing portion of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus. (background music happens to be the instrumental from the same tune.) you can download the entire song here.

Technorati tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Posted by macedonia at 6:15 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 18 January 2007 11:47 AM EST
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