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Thursday, 18 September 2008
nine years, baby....
Now Playing: soulsearching w/michael ruetten (giantstep.net)
mr. and mr. macedonia at siesta key beach, florida, march 2006

as of today, nine years married, 16 years together.  we are officially old fogies.  and i thank GOD that we've made it this far.  some serious challenges and screw-ups along the way (and more trials to come, i'm sure), but we've made it through together.  come what may, we'll go through it together. 

i can honestly say that my life would be hella boring without beth in it.  this is what it's all about...

Posted by macedonia at 5:50 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
review for impose: vast aire
Now Playing: meso - island versus city
Topic: 2008 reviews
i included a cut from vast aire's latest in Radio BSOTS episode 72.  the album has its moments.  granted, nothing beats his Cannibal Ox days, but the past is past.  let's deal with present-day beats and rhymes right now.  if you want an idea of where he's lyrically at these days, check this review...

Posted by macedonia at 5:14 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 16 September 2008
review for impose: jackson conti
Now Playing: anane - ben ma mi
Topic: 2008 reviews

i've written several music reviews for impose magazine over the summer, but hadn't gotten around to mentioning them in this space yet and i really ought to.  so that gives me an excuse to keep up my blogging habit, even if it's only a quick blurb once a day here and there.

first up is the collaboration between madlib and ivan conti of azymuth, its release perfectly timed for summer consumption.  this album is so deep on the latin jazz tip that madlib should be considered much more than a beat konducta.  read on...

Posted by macedonia at 6:03 PM EDT
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Monday, 15 September 2008
even worse than dial-up...
Now Playing: anton - piop [bumpfoot netlabel]
so if you listen to my podcast, i tend to pride myself on working from a dialup at home and still being committed to release new episodes.  been doing it for three years now.  well, i currently have NO internet connection at home as of last thursday, due to billing screwups with AT&T and all that.  the good news:  FIOS may very well be the next move, but i'm not sure as to when that will happen.  no slacking in my steps, however:  a new show got posted today, so i can work around this minor inconvenience.  i also want to blog more than i have been, so check back for new entries soon...

Posted by macedonia at 6:07 PM EDT
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BSOTS 072 - blends session: ninety percent boom bap, ten percent soul clap...
Now Playing: allyal's podcast - allyal.podomatic.com
Topic: my podcasts

songs whiz by your head a million miles a minute in this online world, it seems. it's constantly a "so many songs, so little time" sort of relationship with music. i have resigned myself to the fact that i will never know it all and there will always be someone else out there who knows more than i do. and you know what? i'm okay with that. never thought i'd actually say it and mean it, but there it is.

well, since there is so much music out there, blends sessions are necessary here at camp lo-fi. the songs for this continuous mix have been building up for the past few months and i tend to find and receive more hip-hop tunes than anything else. d. huston gets things started off in a big way with "drugs outside," bringing along big pooh, black milk, and dj romes along for the ride over a hard-hitting beat courtesy of oddisee. camp lo joins the metermaids on a joint i got emailed my way and u.k. crew the planets rock with prince po on "trees." where the hell was i four years ago when this dropped? this song is serious right here. vast aire comes through with the action-packed joint. thought brother was born in harlem, but turns out he's a mount vernon cat. never knew that.

dutchmassive's "get it on" makes for a nice follow-up. really like how he worked brenda russell's "in the thick of it" into the production for this song. shabaam sahdeeq's "survival sounds" is a good one as well, but the "remember adam got the apple from a lady" line bugs me. men have been blaming their problems on women since day one. truth is adam was there the whole time the serpent was talkin' up that apple to eve (check the third chapter of genesis if you think i'm lyin'). wouldn't common sense tell adam to speak up, say "hold up, baby, you might not wanna do that"? say "don't you see all these other trees in this garden?" say SUMTHIN', ADAM!!! adam didn't say a word. just let his lady eat the apple and bit into it himself to boot. some will call it splitting biblical hairs, i call it a careful reading of the scripture.

i think damn near everyone of my podcasting cronies have played a cut from the shanghai restoration project, so i wouldn't blame you for calling me a latecomer to this party. they seem to be a favorite within the podosphere amongst producers and listeners alike and i can certainly see why. when my wife and i got sansa clip mp3 players back in february, one of the songs already on the player was by shanghai, so it caused me to finally look into them a little more. apes on tapes represent the one netlabel inclusion on this session, but what a selection. prefuse 73 fans may find a creative commons equivalent here. bringing us to the halfway point is god's gift, down with madlib and kankick and 'em. oh no really came through with a hot remix treatment of "incisions."

the second half of the mix starts off with a pair of rough ones. kaimbr and roddy rod represent for the rawkus 50 and socal's own presto brings the neck-snapping ruckus with lowd on the mic. after that, we get a little chill and hip-shaking with airpushers, a pair of producers responsible for writing some of black eyed peas's biggest hits. from there, we hop over to massachusetts for a track from radix. i was quite happy to see these guys pop up in ioda promonet. then a special treat from now-again/stones throw: the heliocentrics with mf doom and percee p trading verses. then we get into some sister love. from the wonderfully playful mind of georgia anne muldrow comes "reallytho," recorded under her pattie blingh pseudonym. and check out the sheelaroc crew gettin' busy on "back to the basix" by confucius, a producer outta new zealand (another cut from 2003). and maya azucena just comes off like a warrior priestess on "rebel," so much so that even a verse by immortal technique sounds rather tame in comparison to her.

in acknowledgement that i don't play enough reggae and dub on this show (and i can't even remember the last time i played drum and bass - that's got to change...), our closer for this episode is a great cover of dennis brown's "revolution" by e-dee, another one of those cuts that i found on promonet and have been holding onto forever. hope you dug this one - stay tuned for more blends sessions in the near future...

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1. d. huston - "drugs outside (with rapper big pooh and black milk)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
2. metermaids - "turn it up (feat. camp lo)" {CDBaby}
3. the planets - "trees (feat. prince po)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
4. vast aire - "t.v. land" {itunes music store}
5. dutchmassive - "get it on (feat. muneshine and fresh daily)"
6. shabaam sahdeeq - "survival sounds" {hiphopsite.com}
7. the shanghai restoration project - "touchdown (feat. natural fact of unconscious logic)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
8. apes on tapes - "light dry but creamy" {free download available here}
9. god's gift - "incisions (oh no remix)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
10. kaimbr - "breakem off (feat. roddy rod)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
11. presto - "on (feat. lowd)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
12. airpushers - "push that air (feat. golden)" {iTunes Music Store (Preferred Link) | More On This Album}
13. radix - "the staple" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
14. the heliocentrics - "distant star (feat. mf doom and percee p)" {stones throw store}
15. pattie blingh and the akebulan five - "reallytho" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
16. confucius - "back to the basix" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
17. maya azucena - "rebel (feat. immortal technique, ness, and hasan salaam)"
18. e-dee - "revolution (feat. irie love)" {iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}

iodapromonet free downloads:

The EpicThe Planets
"Trees" (mp3)
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(Dyna Mic Records)

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Themes for the Ordinarily StrangeAirpushers
"Push That Air" (mp3)
from "Themes for the Ordinarily Strange"
(Sarathan Records)

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Posted by macedonia at 12:12 PM EDT
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Thursday, 11 September 2008
glimpses of heaven
Now Playing: superhertz - glass labyrinth ep
Topic: rants de macedonia
mr. and mrs. macedonia, cancun, november of 1999

[this one was written just before the one-year anniversary of 9/11 and originally published in the ON THE VERGE v3.0 email monthly newsletter in september of 2002. the 10th anniversary is only three years from now. rather strange to think about... - macedonia.]

With the one-year anniversary of September 11th right around the corner, everyday conversations have become more solemn and reflective. A friend’s voice over the telephone lines paraphrases a point a preacher recently brought up: “everyone talks about the tragedies of September 11th…who thanks GOD that there was a September 12th, 13th, and 14th?” I hold fast to the belief that few (if any) talk about September 12th because most want to get back to September 10th. The 10th represents “back to normal,” but the whole concept of “normal” doesn’t mean what it used to, which makes the 10th even more elusive, almost mystic. That day has taken on a romantic, nostalgic quality. I contend that America has done all it can to get back to September 10th…even if it meant suffering from convenient amnesia along the way.

In the month that followed September 11th, everyday brought astonishing acts of kindness alongside the rampant verbal assaults and paranoia. For every unkind word against Arabs and Afghanistan, there were stories of healing, sharing, and consoling. I kept wondering how would America get back to normal without forgetting the lessons in compassion learned after that tragic day. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t. All that mattered was a return to normalcy, no matter how far-fetched that concept seemed, no matter whom you had to push out of the way during rush hour. While it's a good thing to be able to move on, I can't help thinking that it feels like the scab over the wound. Either we're really focused or our attention span is frighteningly short.

That month-long outpouring of love was nothing short of a miracle and miracles weren’t meant to be eternal. Miracles come and go. In light of that understanding, I started to focus on finding the good within bad situations. One week after September 11th, Beth and I will celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. And not only three years of marriage, but also ten years of being together. We’ve been wearing silly grins for the past month just thinking about it. Beyond that, I’ve had some amazing experiences partying with friends. The vibe’s been so thick that it felt like family, nothing but smiles as heads nod, fists pump, and kids dance and make connections with each other. On occasion, this vibe has even been achieved with perfect strangers, our hands in the air, dancing unashamed. Whether I’m catching up with friends I haven’t seen in months, sharing laughs with family members, or just sitting around at home listening to music, I’ve been savoring these moments of joy for all they’re worth. I figure it’s either that or let all of my concerns get the best of me.

And the concerns have been piling up as of late. For one thing, way too many of my friends are out of work. The collapse of one business after another does nothing to help the multitude in the same boat. Seems like every other day brings a news story about another abducted child. President Bush seems hellbent on going to war with Iraq. And whatever allies the United States once had now appear to be backing away in disgust whenever we're brought up in conversation.

I hereby initiate...PROJECT HAPPY.

Our mission: Search for happy, find the happy, catch the happy, secure the happy, and only let happy out to share with like-minded others for collective uplifting purposes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Perhaps I need to take on the attitude of a consultant that recently left my job. A sweet woman who got married a few months ago, she is due with a baby girl in January. She is also originally from Israel and is moving back there with her husband. When asked if she harbors any fears about moving back to such a volatile area, she responded (in her typically upbeat manner):

"It's a beautiful place when it's not being bombed."

I'm sure there's a response for that, but for the life of me I couldn't come up with one. All I could think to say was, "I'm really gonna miss you."

Surely someone out there would confuse my optimism for insanity. But what are my options? Sit around and mope? Take on a spirit of defeat? Join the growing ranks of the "God Can't Do Jack" society? That's not me. I have my moments, but that's not who I am. So I deal with the day as best I can and prepare for the next. Keep my headphones on, remember to laugh, kiss my wife, and focus on the good, how matter how seemingly insignificant.

The mere fact that I take so much for granted lets me know that life is good. Waking up in the morning is a glimpse of heaven. Blue skies are a glimpse of heaven. Sunshine on my face is a glimpse of heaven. Beats that move me to tears...i'll let you finish it. You don't have to agree with me - just think about it. Keep your head up, stay positive, and pray that September 11, 2002 isn't too much of a media circus. If you need me, you know where to find me.

{jason randall smith}

Posted by macedonia at 5:08 PM EDT
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Now Playing: queens artists podcast
Topic: rants de macedonia
still there in the midst of darkness...

[i hate calling today patriot day, so i won't. if i thought that voices of reason and not merely nationalistic extremes or absolutes could be counted as patriotic, then i'd have no problems with it, but that's simply not the case. i can't believe that the 9/11 attacks occurred seven years ago; the last few years have flown by. a few weeks after it all went down, i wrote this rant for my ON THE VERGE v3.0 email monthly newsletter. this was originally published on october 3, 2001.

charity tends to run out real quick in america. i say build bridges of compassion and understanding on today. be willing to listen to another person's side of things. we have to remain in touch with our humanity. some days, it's all we have... - macedonia.]

"i pledge allegiance / to the flag / of the United States of America / and to the republic / for which it stands / one nation / under God..."

since WHEN?

oh. right. the 11th. my bad. please continue...

"i took the elevator down from Windows On The World yesterday at 4:30 PM, drunk from the 18 wines i’d tasted. made 2 phone calls from the lobby of Tower 1, then jumped on the 1/9 uptown. the world trade center is no longer standing."
-dom casual a.k.a. tonypuma, OTV extended fam.

i love New York. but i hate its attitude problem. always have. i have often said that New York City could use an attitude enema. planes hitting the World Trade Center was not what i had in mind.

i was born in America, but i don’t consider myself an American. perhaps because people of color tend to be an afterthought in terms of what it means to be "American." maybe it’s because dark-shaded souls enslaved and used as forced labor to build this country weren’t even considered human when the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were drafted. and during these troubled times, i have no problems questioning our government, wanting to examine closely our foreign affairs and not buying into the cult of blind patriotism that has swept over this nation since the day after the attacks. all of this will get you ridiculed, shouted down, and/or possibly censored in the land of the free and the home of the brave, an act silently agreed upon by the United Flag Bearers of America.

then again, i guess we can thank them all for giving little kids a new game to play during those long road trips...

"there’s a flag. there’s a flag. there’s a flag. there’s a flag. there’s a flag..."

tuesday, september 11, 2001: the day that all of America put in a 911 call to GOD. i work in Connecticut and had just settled down at my desk about to fire up one of the ambient CDs i had brought in that week. man, did those come in handy. a curious buzz started around the office about a plane that had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. then word came in about the other. then the Pentagon. then the plane that crashed near Camp David. then the fears set in. "who had appointments at World Trade today?" we frantically search for our consultants and members in New York. thankfully, everyone’s present and accounted for. however, one of our former consultants ended up working for one of our clients. their offices were located in one of the World Trade towers. his memorial service was a few weeks ago.

(freakier still: i’m working for a new consultant at my job. take a wild guess what he used to do before he got to Greenwich...DIRECTOR OF TERRORIST AFFAIRS FOR THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. CNN and 60 Minutes have had his phone lines lit up for the past three weeks.)

my concerns were primarily with my wife. Beth works on 40 Wall Street. close enough to see the windows of her building buckle in and out from the air pressure caused by the plane crashes. close enough to make her way through the enveloping clouds of ash, soot and debris. she, along with others, crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge and watched it all ablaze. watched it all come down. her father used to work in tower two, but his day never started before 9:30 A.M. an hour earlier and he might not be here today. many lives were taken that day, but i know of many that were spared. and somebody today is saying "thank you, GOD" for the first time in their lives. AND IT MEANS SOMETHING.

it didn’t really register with Beth for about the first day or so. then the reality of it all began to take hold. for a while, she couldn’t get the sound of the towers falling out of her head. any loud crumbling noise would set it off. she’s back at the Wall Street offices now. she even went to see the ruins recently, which is something i thought she’d never do. still, regardless of her faith, she feels vulnerable and her opinions on all that is happening around her changes from day to day. outside of prayer, the best thing i can do for her is just be an ear, to let her vent and be there for her when she needs a hug. she didn’t know what was going on at the time. she didn’t have Peter Jennings or Ted Koppel giving her the play-by-play; she just had to act. i was hundreds of miles away surrounded by radios tuned to news stations and the World Wide Web. she was there, i wasn’t. therefore, my opinion means little. my love, however, means everything. all of this happened a week before our second wedding anniversary.

"the attack on the World Trade Center was a travesty no civilized human being should have to deal with. it was deplorable, an offense to human life. so what did we do? WE GOT FLAGS!!! millions and millions of flags! "

that’s when the patriotic music started up. for reasons unknown to me, i was watching Dateline when this segment about the American flag aired. when everything got all cheery, i thought it was a mistake. as if interns with a really sick sense of humor had taken over the station. later that night, the insanity spilled over into my own actions. at one point, i was marching around my house, singing "WAR, HUNH! (GOOD GOD, Y’ALL!) what is it good for? absolutely NUTTIN’! SAY IT AGAIN!"

i stopped short after the chorus. "what the hell am i doing?"

saturday, september 15, 2001. from uptown, i take the 2, transfer to the 5, and headed straight down to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop. when i reach street level, the mood is solemn. not much noise except occasional cheers for rescue workers, police, and firemen. three out of every four people had some sort of camera and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. except for one. that’s when it hit me. the smoke hadn’t left yet. got really freaked out by that and started walking uptown. side streets blocked off, cops everywhere. by the time i got up to Canal Street, that’s when the usual hustle and bustle of the city revealed itself. same for Broadway: a steady stream of folks scurrying in and out of clothing stores. and not just because they felt it was their duty to help out the economy either. meanwhile, i was in a fog, standing between a lamppost with pictures of missing people and a vendor not only selling American flags, but framed pictures of an intact New York City skyline. near the Astor Place subway stop, the buildings began to talk with anonymous scribbles. one simply stated "You are alive," while another read "now that we have been attacked as a nation, can we finally act like brothers and sisters?" while staring at the writing on the wall, a person walked by improvising a song of retaliation at the top of his lungs.

final stop: 14th Street-Union Square. the vigil in the park had taken on a life on its own. i was in awe. this was the pinnacle of what was already a very emotional day. the steps were covered with pictures, candles, and sentiments of love, loss, and remembrance. words of peace were written everywhere. a group of patriots sang anthems and even threw in "New York, New York" (how did i not see that coming?). people milled about, cried heavy and hard and hugged each other. i observed a Tibetan group in meditation and later joined a number of Christians in a prayer circle. another believer (named Peter) and i had a rather sobering encounter with an atheist soon afterwards. while trying to convey to him that GOD was still in control, still in the midst, he wasn’t buying it – retribution and revenge were on his tongue. for an atheist, the actions of september 11th confirmed everything that they believe. satan didn’t get to be the father of lies for nothing. as our brother stormed off, Peter began to cry. i gave him a hug. we introduced ourselves formally and talked a bit. then i made my way home.

music has taken on a whole other realm since the 11th. ambient was mandatory after the attacks. the next week, it was free jazz, a musical fire in the belly that seemed to speak directly to the confusion and chaos in our nation that’s been taking place ever since. at home, further strength is given with Gil Scott-Heron’s "Work For Peace" and Femi Kuti’s "Truth Don Die" and "What Will Tomorrow Bring." i even spun out recently, an act which is always cathartic when i haven’t done it in a while, but even more so now.

at this moment, there is concern, sometimes even anxiety, but i cannot give into fear. the moment i do, the terrorists have won. and i can honestly say that there is no hatred in my heart. i’d rather spend energy hoping and praying for souls and spirits to be transformed. war looks likely to occur, but there are some things that bombs and bullets can’t do. i’d rather pray that a change will occur in the heart of young Afghani or Palestine youths that celebrated the deaths of innocent Americans, that a change will occur in the minds of Americans that are clogged up with anti-Arab sentiment.

many people talk about a return to normalcy, to rewind the clock back to the 10th. what does that mean, really? since the 11th, we have seen an amazing outpouring of unconditional love and compassion, the type which wasn’t visible on the 10th. the question i’ve been wrestling with is this: how do we get "back to normal" without losing those lessons of love we’ve learned in the past few weeks? "back to normal" didn’t include that.

those under the blanket of blind patriotism won’t ask why we as Americans are only concerned with Americans. they won’t ask why we don’t care to learn more about other countries. they won’t ask why we assume that the American way is the only way. AND THEY’RE NOT ABOUT TO START NOW. change begins with a reevaluation of self, a step that few stateside are willing to take at this time. so in a way, America is back to normal. didn’t take us very long, did it?

two weeks ago, i was heading down to Avenue A when i noticed an Afghani restaurant on Saint Marks Place. i’ve walked down that street i don’t know how many times and this was the first time i’ve noticed it. i couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty about that. i’ve got vacation coming up and i’ve been seriously considering going in, sitting down, ordering some lunch, and chilling out with the regulars. why not? somebody’s gotta...

{jason randall smith}

Posted by macedonia at 10:48 AM EDT
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Saturday, 6 September 2008
album review: phashara - the storybook adventure
Now Playing: shawn lee & clutchy hopkins - clutch of the tiger
Topic: 2008 reviews

The Storybook Adventure
[Beatmonstas Entertainment]
Release Date:  July 1, 2008

[blogger's note:  i've been bumping this album for the past two months and can't believe that i'm just writing the review now.  shame on me.  time continues to be my greatest enemy, i suppose...]

Chicago-based MC/beatmaker Phashara has crafted a head-turning debut album, one that brings to mind voices from the genre's golden age while still speaking to hip-hop's present audience.  A series of skits featuring children's voices sets the tone for chapters to unfold, revealing words of guidance, wisdom, and caution.  "Young World" provides sonic dap towards the next generation while "The Storm" examines the state of rap music, from the misguided minds participating in it to the uninformed pundits that rail against it.  "Stop Frontin'" speaks on the deadly ramifications of being something other than yourself and "Bill Red" presents Phashara's past as an open book, sharing his thoughts on an absentee father.  The production is crisp and tight throughout the album, musically reflecting the vocal sentiments uttered.  The lovestruck tone of "Cause U Fly" is accentuated by the circular, dizzying patterns of the backing track indicative of nervous energy.  While moments of verbal bravado are clearly present, the storyteller holds center stage and it is within these narratives that Phashara wins over the listener.  The Storybook Adventure is required reading for the ears and a bonafide page-turner for hip-hop junkies worldwide.


visit Phashara's official website

visit Beatmonstas Entertainment

buy this album on iTunes

buy this album on amazon.com

Posted by macedonia at 2:47 PM EDT
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Friday, 29 August 2008
BSOTS 071 - BSOTS GONE (buck)wild...
Now Playing: keyboard - reflejos
Topic: my podcasts

macedonia.  self portrait.  albany, ny.  1997.


can't quite believe it's been three years already, but my daughter just turned two on august 23rd and it was a little over a year before she was born that i started this show, so yes...it has been three years.

recently i wondered what would happen if the side of me that hosted endless shouting matches with yourself took over camp lo-fi for a day. that's basically the inspiration for this show. not only that, but the first year of Radio BSOTS had its share of rants. so this episode is a bit more fuel-injected than usual. i dig up a pair of rants from my first year, along with a news feature i produced over ten years ago. it was about the increasing mainstream interest in techno/electronica. i suppose it was okay for its time, but the hardcore listeners of electronic music would probably nitpick on a few opinions passed off as fact and i wouldn't blame them for doing so. however, i will say that i was glad to interview tamara palmer, then senior editor of urb magazine. looking back, she is the voice of reason within the piece. my voice sounds entirely too "newsy," but i always had problems with my recorded voice. i'm sure there are others who feel the same. the promo that follows was inspired by the whole experience of producing the news feature, and i suppose it was my way of staying against the grain, as it were.

the songs selected for this show are perhaps a bit edgier than what's usually featured, but that's the whole point. i just wanted to let loose and play some things that push at the genre borders of the show. whereas the dj k.o. track might be expected, the dystopian boom bap of cubbiebear and food for animals might not be. truth be told, i love the angrier stuff that's on this episode. it displays a different side of Both Sides Of The Surface, and for anyone that ever listened to *endless shouting matches...*, they know that the show had an "anything goes" mentality when it came to music. so this show brings that philosophy to camp lo-fi to shake things up a bit.

i suppose i should say a few words about the bonus track. one day, i heard the lyrics to the cure's "fascination street" in my head, but they were laid out over the instrumental to presto's "conquer mentally." (check BSOTS 069 to hear the album version of the presto joint.) the blend wouldn't leave me alone, but it's not as if you could take robert smith's vocal track from the original and lay it on top of presto's beat - it would be a hot mess if you did. i don't think you could alter the vocals electronically to make it harmonically fit (although with today's technology, maybe you could). you would have to re-do the vocals altogether. one day, i tried an experiment and just sang it over the instrumental, hence "mental fascination." mind you, by "sang" i really mean "vocally did the best i could with what little chops i have." so that's what ends this episode. artistically, this is about as vulnerable as i get these days. so why on earth would i make a fool of myself by attempting to sing this? in the hopes that someone with a voice would take this idea and run with it and do it some justice. really, i want someone else to do it...and do it BETTER, which ain't hard.

i know 70 minutes of your time is pushing it, but i hope you find the time to digest this one and that it agrees with your sonic palette. whether you are a first-time listener, a long-standing BSOTS subscriber or somewhere in between, i can't thank you enough for your support for "the poor man's podcast." quick shouts before i go to cy tru for all the amazing intros he's been sending me, and to jersey todd, who believed in *endless shouting matches...* even when i didn't.

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endless shouting matches with yourself
the scene zine
in over your head
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1. dj k.o. - "ladder of success" {buy via iTunes Music Store | More On This Album}
2. rant: macey's new year's resolution for 2006 (originally featured on BSOTS 011)
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7. news feature: big time for techno (originally featured on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, May 1997)
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9. myself - "baby...you drive me crazy" {buy via CD Baby | More On This Album}
10. rant: three six mafia and the 24-hour virus (originally featured on podshow music rewind 028)
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008
BSOTS 070 - label profile: ghostly international
Now Playing: phashara - the storybook adventure
Topic: my podcasts

this show is all about the ghostly international label. i would have to credit matthew dear for being the gateway artist for me. soon after i would learn about dabrye and osborne. rarely ever does ghostly make a wrong move. hopefully this episode will get you excited about this label, too...

once the show is over, you'll hear a psa about the million dj march. it's not a joke. it's very real. and while it in no way was meant to show disrespect to the million man march, perhaps a different name could've been chosen. at any rate, it sounds interesting. not sure if the press will be kind in its coverage (my guess is that it won't), but that remains to be seen...

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you can contact me via twitter, facebook, email, or the voice mail line at 206-339-8732.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on last.fm
endless shouting matches with yourself
ghostly swim compilation

"The Lish" (mp3)
from "One/Three"
(Ghostly International)

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"From Memory" (mp3)
from "Violets"
(Ghostly International/SMM)

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More On This Album

Adage of KnownJDSY
"Smoke and Mirrors" (mp3)
from "Adage of Known"
(Ghostly International/Moodgadget Records)

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More On This Album

Mega BreakfastThe Chap
"They Have A Name" (mp3)
from "Mega Breakfast"
(Ghostly International)

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"Ruling" (mp3)
from "Osborne"
(Spectral Sound)

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Natura MortaCepia
"Opening Parade" (mp3)
from "Natura Morta"
(Ghostly International/SMM)

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The Loving Sounds of StaticMobius Band
"The Loving Sounds of Static" (mp3)
from "The Loving Sounds of Static"
(Ghostly International)

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Surf BoundariesChristopher Willits
"Yellow Spring" (mp3)
from "Surf Boundaries"
(Ghostly International/SMM)

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Idol Tryouts Two: Ghostly International Vol. TwoSkeletons And The Girl-Faced Boys
"Fit Black Man" (mp3)
from "Idol Tryouts Two: Ghostly International Vol. Two"
(Ghostly International)

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Asa BreedMatthew Dear
"Don and Sherri" (mp3)
from "Asa Breed"
(Ghostly International)

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