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Friday, 12 December 2008
16 random things
Now Playing: todd-o-phonic todd on wfmu

i posted this on my facebook account not too long ago and thought it'd be worth my while to cross-post it to my blog.  rules are as follows:


Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random things - shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

the people have already been tagged in facebook, which saves me the need to do it here.  let's just deal with the random things...

1.  when i was two, i had the measels, mumps, and chicken pox at the same time.  don't ask how i managed to pull off that stunt, but my mother was convinced that i was gonna die.  needless to say, i didn't.

2.  some people want an iphone for christmas.  i'd rather have a buddha machine.  perfect for trying times like these, i think.

3.  my mom's side of the family is very close and talks everything out.  my father's side is very secretive...to the point of where you'd think they were a crime syndicate.  the traits of both sides have been poured into me and depending upon who you are, you either know me as outgoing or soft-spoken.  they're both true.

4.  almost every revenge fantasy i've had this year somehow involves an air horn.  the entire telemarketing industry may want to thank their lucky stars that i have not enacted said fantasies at any point within 2008.

5.  i have a sister on my father's side named brandi whom i have not seen in decades.  due to the fam's attraction to endless drama, she broke camp a while back.  very few days have gone by this year where i haven't thought about her and how she's doing.  my daughter even sorta resembles her as a child.  i need to find her.

6.  watching *the joy of painting with bob ross* can get me out of any bad mood.  it's been that way since high school.

7.  when i walk into my apartment after work and simone runs around the corner saying "DADDY!!" and tackles my legs, there's no other place on earth i'd rather be at that moment.

8.  most of the trouble i got into in college had everything to do with the fact that A) i was a hopeless romantic trying to be a player and failing miserably, and B) i was pretending to be humble when i was actually COCKY AS F**K.

9.  i have become increasingly curious about the kalimba and the theremin and would like to learn how to play them both.

10.  my father and i are both bilingual.  we speak two languages:  english and sarcasm.

11.  beth and i spent our honeymoon in cancun, mexico back in november of '99 and i've been wanting to get back there ever since.  i've never been so relaxed in my whole life.

12.  a reoccurring daydream about stabbing a sales rep in the neck with a salad fork is the exact reason why i don't attend most of my after work office functions.  that and the fact that i only go for the food.  a co-worker's incessant smack talk about nothing isn't edible, and it's better that way, i'm sure.

13.  avoiding drugs was never a problem for me.  i can remember being six or seven, playing in the back of my father's green cadillac eldorado while him and his buddies were freebasing in the front seat.  stuff like that doesn't leave you when you get older and realize what you witnessed at a young age.

14.  in a summer program shortly after graduating high school, i was jumping around in a dorm room and put my hand through a glass partition of a ceiling lamp.  i never had to get stitches before that incident.

15.  almost half of my 35 years on this planet have been spent in a relationship with the woman i eventually married.  we are officially an old married couple.  kinda crazy to think about.

16.  on the song "papa" by prince, he says, "don't abuse children, or else they turn out like me."  while i've spent a good part of my life blocking it out of my memory, lasting images are a constant reminder that i can say the same...

Posted by macedonia at 12:32 PM EST
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Wednesday, 10 December 2008
december episode of *us and us* is now online...
Now Playing: listening to it right now...
Topic: my podcasts

doing my thing once again for motion radio (how i love them so...).

i'll be honest: i couldn't get down with new stuff this time around due to time constrains.  and seeing as how i didn't do a show last month, i dip into some cassette archives and convert them for the digital domain.  30 minutes from my dj days and other 30 minutes from the 5th episode of Radio BSOTS, which is no longer available.  things start and end with some christmas material from unlikely sources.

click here for show access and tracklisting....


Posted by macedonia at 10:55 AM EST
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Monday, 8 December 2008
review for reviewyou.com: muddyloop
Now Playing: office noise right before my lunch break...
Topic: 2008 reviews

recently reviewed an album by the duo named muddyloop - not bad.  if you're into electronic dance that's heavily inspired by '80s electro, new wave, and prince, you may want to seek this one out.

click here to read the review...

Posted by macedonia at 1:26 PM EST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
BSOTS 075 - BGB: rhythms and sounds from the nice side of town...
Now Playing: listening to it right now, actually...
Topic: my podcasts

(photo taken by matthew smith, saturday, august 23, 2008.  my daughter is the little girl in the background wearing the lil' life jacket, enjoying the sprinklers.  and no, that's not my wife on the left...)

i pretty much dared myself to post this picture. i think i look rather SWOLE in this shot, wearing a pair of swimming trunks that i knew were on the snug side, but i look happy. wifey and i were celebrating simone's 2nd birthday at a nearby swimming pool. it was the first time all summer (late august, no less) that we had been near a body of water. i think i chose this picture for a number of reasons. first off, it kinda sets up the idea that the "buckwild" experience offers something a little different within the BSOTS channel. second, i need to learn how to love and celebrate myself, love handles and all.

one friend from junior high and another from my old church recently nominated me as "nicest person on facebook." i had to laugh because i know that's not true. anyone who really knows me knows the angry side, the overly sarcastic side, the side that wields words like weapons. this is the side of me that hosted the "sideshow" called endless shouting matches with yourself. that show was a mess. if you think you can deal with it, by all means, click on the link. there were 16 episodes of that show recorded. the last was taken down at the request of my wife. i was depressed when i hit the record button and went straight to a place called "overshare." mostly about myself, but i referenced an argument that my wife and i had shortly before and she took issue with it. honestly, she was right to do so. maybe about six people in the universe actually heard it before it was taken down.

BSOTS GONE BUCKWILD (BGB) was started as an experiment to shake things up within the BSOTS channel and to make sure that i stay engaged. the podcasting hustle can burn a person out, so i thought it would be cool to get a little nuts every three months and just throw stuff to the wall and see what sticks. this BGB episode features party jams, political joints, and a pair of porn soundtrack selections. there's one song that's actually a request track (big shouts to tyrone in atlanta for suggesting i rep for dubstep and play some burial). tim fite's "i've been shot" is dedicated to the city of mount vernon, where i reside, for reasons i get into during the course of the show (with apologies to de la soul - you'll see why). as the robotic stewardess voice uttered on a tribe called quest's midnight marauders album, "you're no less of a man if you don't pull the trigger. you're no more of a man if you do..."

outside of the music selection, which tends to be a bit more edgy than the regular shows, the rants are what ultimately separate BGB episodes from others within the BSOTS channel. the whole reason why *endless shouting matches...* (ESM) was created was to have a space where i could vent. now that ESM has podfaded into the sunset, i think it's best to take some time and do that there, but only on a quarterly basis. we're off to the races the moment you hit the PLAY button. i have a feeling that these shows will also be longer than the regular shows (this one certainly was); hopefully you'll find it interesting and/or entertaining.

oh yeah, the ghetto freaks trailer was supplied by my man dean, fellow crate digger and good friend. i have never seen the movie before, nor has he. kinda hard to find any info on this one. and now that i've heard the trailer again, i'm not so sure i'd actually make it through a viewing...

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id drops courtesy of anji bee and james taylor. theme music is a cy tru remix featuring jonny sonic. background music consists of the following:

jim jones - "pop champagne (instrumental)"
the package - "makin' waves (kev brown remix instrumental)"
techniken defunkus - "bathing"

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other key info:
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the collabocast with anji bee
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rebel diaz - "an open letter to barack obama"

1. the evolution control committee - "copyright criminals (straight f**kin' criminal mixdown)" {free download}
2. ill bill - "society is brainwashed"
3. jade fox - "bloody sunday"
4. mojoe - "my favorite cut"
5. sadat x - "now (feat. twan)" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
6. idiot savant - "the times"
7. j. bada - "right now (feat. maya azucena)"
8. deep throat - "she's got to have it" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
9. bernard purdie - "hap'nin" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
10. tim fite - "i've been shot" {free download}
11. burial - "ghost hardware" {iTunes | eMusic}
12. j*davey - "mr. mister" {iTunes | Napster}
13. mekka don - "dear obama" {free download}

iodapromonet free downloads:

The Beauty In Distortion - The Land of the LostJ*DaVeY
"Mr. Mister" (mp3)
from "The Beauty In Distortion - The Land of the Lost"
(Interdependent Media)

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Posted by macedonia at 10:24 PM EST
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Friday, 21 November 2008
review for reviewyou.com: wayne savant
Now Playing: friday night dance party podcast
Topic: 2008 reviews

this is the first review i've written for the reviewyou.com site.  the artist is wayne savant, a rapper based in texas.  this is an album for people who care a lot about what you say on the mic and less about what music accompanies you.  any other approach will result in a less than enjoyable listening experience.  with that said, here's my take on the album...

p.s.  i get the feeling that this guy could do great things if he was a Holy Hip-Hop artist.  God's Kingdom could certainly use someone like him...

Posted by macedonia at 1:22 PM EST
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Monday, 17 November 2008
review for impose: yoome
Now Playing: downtown soulville w/mr. fine wine (wfmu.org)
Topic: 2008 reviews
this is the last review for impose that i've written and i'm surprised that i haven't posted here about it yet because the album is phemonenal.  it's definitely on my personal top ten for 2008.  click here to read the review.

Posted by macedonia at 3:58 PM EST
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Tuesday, 11 November 2008
GOD shed His grace on thee...
Now Playing: madlib - beat konducta vol. 5: dil cosby suite
Topic: music appreciation

news flash:  mtv just became relevant again.  yeah, i'm just as shocked as you are.  enter mtvmusic.com, a music video archive site that makes up for the fact that both mtv channels don't show videos anymore and vh1 is too busy coming up with more "celebreality" shows to be bothered with videos.  and since this site actually allows you to share and embed vids (in hi-def quality, no less), figured i'd drop one on the bsots blog.

with the dawning of the age of obamanomics upon us, i choose to represent for the live version of prince and the revolution's "america," circa 1985.  this is when "his royal badness" was truly bad ass.  the band's tighter than a mosquito's posterior and eric leeds and eddie m. hold it down for the horns.  i loved the revolution as a band; i thought it was a well-oiled machine with talent and personality to spare.  this is actually longer than the six and a half minutes offered - it ends before prince gets to his drum solo.  i was always pissed at the mtv powers that be for cutting this one short back in the day while always playing the full version of bruce springsteen's "rosalita."  c-o-n...SPIRACY.  i kid, i kid...sorta.

Prince |MTV Music

Posted by macedonia at 5:52 PM EST
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Saturday, 8 November 2008
the collabocast with anji bee...
Now Playing: chillcast with anji bee - www.anjibee.com
Topic: other people's podcasts

so in the midst of my three days off, anji bee gets in touch with me.  she had been wanting to have me on the show for a while now and my time off allowed us to finally talk and do this thing.  the result is 90 minutes of us talking about everything:  our respective shows and their place in the podosphere, our college radio days, music of course...lots of stuff.  eventually we actually get around to playing some music as well.  a fun time.  serious props to anji for editing all of that down and for even thinking of having me on her show in the first place.  i consider it a privilege and an honor.

curious to know what went down?  just click here...

Posted by macedonia at 11:03 PM EST
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Monday, 3 November 2008
the get out and vote collabocast...
Now Playing: solillaquists of sound - death of the muse
Topic: other people's podcasts

big shouts to todd grundy, producer of the rhythms in black satin podcast, for planting the seed and putting out the call to his podcasting cronies to come together in the name of election day.  this show is wonderful:  each podcaster contributes a song and talks about why they feel it's important to vote.  an excellent idea and very inspirational.  i am quite proud to have been part of this one.

perfect to listen to while you're waiting on line to cast your vote tomorrow.  you can grab the show here....

Posted by macedonia at 5:43 PM EST
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BSOTS 074 - blends session: ain't we got fun...
Now Playing: get out and vote collabocast (rhythmsinblacksatin.com)
Topic: my podcasts

while recording my voiceover for this show, there was a tickle in my throat that threatened to take me out. it snuck up on me and totally caught me by surprise, resulting in a coughing fit that i wasn't ready for. no, that hasn't been captured for posterity on this show, but as a result, the talking had to be kept to a minimum. and besides that, it's another blends session, which always means more music and less talk.

for anyone wondering what the first minute of this show is all about, it's a radio promotional trailer for the human tornado, a movie starrring the late rudy ray moore a.k.a. DOLEMITE, actor, comedian, r&b singer (!), and a brother that's been rappin' long before rap music got off the ground. in his own words, "i was through with it before they knew what to DO with it!" his routines were mad raunchy, his movies were action-packed and straight-up outlandish, and i know that there are a bunch of heads who will miss this brother.

this blends session is definitely on some get-up-and-dance type stuff. i'm a dj who likes making people move, and this mix cuts right to the chase with a serious banger from the budabeats netlabel. crookram's "biggles" is definitely something i can see the b-boys and b-girls showing off their best moves to. tom caruana follows that up with the percussion heavy "sounds that surround you" - totally floored me the first time i heard it. then it's off to the netherlands with kraak & smaak, an awesome trio (no, they're not a duo) with a great midtempo number from their boogie angst album from 2006. scion a/v comes through with a lovely remix: dj ayres taking on the 45 king/wale cut, "roof." mr. dé provides a hot shuffler with "please believe it" and then ghostface killah takes over with "charlie brown." between his lyrical fury and the horn section, it packs quite a punch.

seeing as how i can't stay away from the soul and funk, what better label to bring it than brooklyn's own daptone records? loving this cut from charles bradley ("now that i'm gone"). after that, we bring it back to some hip-hop: an older joint from delinquent habits, a cool instrumental from dj dope, and a wicked mark bell remix for deltron 3030's "turbulence." further boom bap contributions include singles from dl incognito and jah-c (check the youtube video above). after that, a world music jam i've been wanting to drop on y'all for a while: hassan el soghayer's "baba shakene," solidifying the belief that harmonic hotness is a global phenomenon. GOD BLESS IODA PROMONET.

if that's not enough, then perhaps all eight minutes of "holy ghost" by the barkays will get you caught up in the spirit of things. in the immortal words of the chief rocker frankie crocker, this mix is designed to put "more dips in your hips, more cut in your strut, more glide in your stride...if you don't dig it, you KNOW you gotta hole in yo' soul..." seriously though, i hope this one's to your liking (lol)...

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id drops courtesy of ej flavors and fave nite. theme music produced by cy tru. background music is "karst" by meso.

other key info:
macedonia's playlist on blip.fm
october episode of us and us
get out and vote collabocast

1. crookram - "biggles" {free download}
2. tom caruana - "sounds that surround you" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
3. kraak and smaak - "keep on searching" {iTunes | Napster}
4. 45 king vs. wale - "roof (dj ayres remix" {rhapsody}
5. mr. dé - "please believe it" {iTunes | Rhapsody | Amazon MP3}
6. ghostface killah - "charlie brown"
7. charles bradley and the bullets - "now that i'm gone" {iTunes}
8. delinquent habits - "let the horn blow (feat. ozomatli)"
9. dj dope - "jimmy kills us" {iTunes}
10. deltron 3030 - "turbulence (mark bell remix)" {Rhapsody}
11. dl incognito - "airplay" {iTunes}
12. jah-c - "soul banger (feat. cavalier) {hiphopsite.com}
13. hassan el soghayer - "baba shakene" {iTunes | Rhapsody}
14. the barkays - "holy ghost" {iTunes | Rhapsody}

iodapromonet free downloads:

Bric A BracTom Caruana
"Sounds That Surround You" (mp3)
from "Bric A Brac"
(Tea Sea Records)

More On This Album

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 11:32 AM EST
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