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Saturday, 20 March 2010
BSOTS 099 - "i want a decade of this..."
Now Playing: saturday morning programming on qubo courtesy of my daughter...
Topic: my podcasts

if there's one thing i've grown to resent more than anything, it's feeling like my energy is being squandered during the day when i am most alert on things that i don't care about. i can't tell you how many times i've fallen asleep at the computer trying to put this episode together because working on it has to wait until the work day is done. and by the time the work day is done, i have very little energy left. i have absolutely no idea when or how the paradigm shift will come, that event or series of events that will help move what i'm passionate about to the forefront, but i continue to be crazy enough to believe that it still is a possibility.

and in the meantime, i surround myself with sonic substance, with beats and rhymes that give life. as phonte recently stated in an episode of gordon gartrell radio, "if you're listening to bad music, it's your own f**kin' fault." the good stuff is out there in abundance, and hopefully this show will serve as irrefutable proof that 2010 has already kicked off not only a memorable year, but a great decade for music. we here at camp lo-fi agree wholeheartedly with the opening sentiments of brother herbie hancock: "music is the finest high around."

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you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. NEW VOICE MAIL LINE!!! hit us up at 206-339-0625. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

theme music produced by cy tru. background music includes "germinal ring" by cyclops joint and the instrumental version of "leave a note" by silhouette brown. id drops courtesy of hired gun, darrenkeith wyatt, glideascope, ej flavors and anji bee.

other key info:
the music podcast consortium's facebook fan page
OPIBAS Artist Showcase 2010
BSOTS episode #92
the last BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD episode
Georg pronunciation

this episode's tracklist:
1. the bamboos - "on the sly (feat. kylie auldist)" {iTunes}
2. reflection eternal - "just begun (feat. jay electronica, j. cole, and mos def)"
3. body language - "at a glance (toro y moi remix)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4. joey ripps - "starlight" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
5. glideascope - "big big disgrace (feat. junior ruff) [radio edit]" {iTunes}
6. phantogram - "when i'm small" {FREE DOWNLOAD | The Ghostly Store}
7. grand agent - "one man army" {iTunes}
8. nefew - "biko (feat. consequence and chanj)" {iTunes}
9. core rhythm - "king" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
10. oddisee - "san fran" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
11. dj center - "in a song (feat. middle child)" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
12. georg levin - "runaway (radio version)" {iTunes}
13. lovespirals - "love" {iTunes | Lovespirals Webstore}
14. lupe fiasco - "i'm beamin'" {iTunes}

podsafe music network Music   Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 8:27 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Now Playing: silence in the living room after midnight...
Topic: rants de macedonia

a fellow podcaster and brother-in-Christ seemed to dig my thoughts recently and whenever that happens, i consider it a blessing.  in a moment of complete and total frustration, i took to twitter and left off a mini-rant.  before it's lost forever in the cyber-ether, i figured i'd better capture it for posterity on the blog:

Twitter has produced far too many mobile chin scratchers who think they have the perfect 140 characters to provide an antidote 4 yr stress.

don't confuse a person's thinking out loud "what do i do now?" moment for complaining. let them have that moment. it could be an AHA prelude

if a job/relationship/time in their life is painful, your downplaying someone else's pain in 140 characters won't make it any less painful.

not every moment is meant to be summed up in a Twitter or Facebook status. and i'm tired of those who think it is. TWEET DEEZ NUTS. </rant>

so where did this all come from?  a number of places.  the violent waves of anger i've been feeling for the past few months dealing with the impossible goals and deadlines of work, continually fighting a losing battle against time in so many aspects of my life, not having enough time for creative things because the 9 to 5 is the main thing.  i'm tired of feeling like i have to apologize because i no longer believe that "hey, at least you're working" is a legitimate response.  if what you do to learn a living feels like you're signing a premature death warrant, then you have a right to question whether or not that's truly living, no matter how bad the economy is.  there's a sea of "positive thinkers" out there who will tell you that you're the problem for being negative and that you're looking to put the blame at someone else's feet.  and these thinkers have come out in droves now that they have the ability to trivialize your struggle while on the go and in 140 characters or less.


rants have been building up in me regarding my customer service gig and customers in general, the problem with living amongst microwave culture in an increasingly on-demand world, and other things that have been bugging me lately.  some of them will probably come out on episode #100.  it's been a long time since i've done a "buckwild" show for Radio BSOTS, but i'm long overdue.  some of it ought to be right here in blog form so i can shut the hell up during the podcast and just play the music.  but yeah...better to get it off my chest here than say something to the wrong person while on the job.  the gig ain't no fun, but neither is being unemployed.  i've been there before.

if you ever wonder what might happen if you actually met the client on the other end of that phone line and you're pretty sure that the first thing you'd do is throw a punch...that's a problem.  i'm just saying.  more later...

Posted by macedonia at 12:38 AM EST
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Saturday, 13 February 2010
BSOTS 098 - another one for beth: the cupid's hunt edition...
Now Playing: dj devastate's album on bbe records...
Topic: my podcasts

my first contribution to the cupid's hunt project occurred two years ago when this whole thing got started (major props to tgrundy and anewlis for their vision back in 2008). i ended up making a house and techno blends session dedicated to my wife. this year, i'm back with another continuous mix, except the first half is uptempo while the second half is downtempo. the first part contains some wonderful and soulful house from the likes of roy davis jr., julius papp, eric kupper, and even dutchmassive. i'm rather partial to the second half, which features new music from artists like si*sé and dj cam, plus i get to represent for a pair of brilliant producers from the just plain sounds camp: oh.bliv and just plain ant.

my open letter to beth was recorded on thursday, february 11, 2010 on my sansa clip player as i walked out of my work building and along the path to catch my train.  i'm writing this on the day before valentine's day. as of now, wifey has a terrible head cold and can't even smell the pair of roses that i got for her. poor thing.

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you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. NEW VOICE MAIL LINE!!! hit us up at 206-339-0625. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

id drops courtesy of angel monique, todd kelley a.k.a. the big la, mr. fresh, and fave.

other key info:
the music podcast consortium's facebook fan page
cupid's hunt podcast collaboration
the official cupid's hunt list of participants
episode #60: macedonia's 1st cupid's hunt mix

this episode's tracklist:
1. alex gopher - "you, my baby and i (pépé bradock's finger drumming mix)" {iTunes}
2. ananda project - "i hear you dreaming (larry heard's nocturnal mix)" {King Street Sounds Webstore | iTunes}
3. polished chrome - "first experience" {iTunes}
4. roy davis jr. - "what is love (feat. mark)" {iTunes}
5. dutchmassive - "kelley's dream" {FREE DOWNLOAD }
6. julius papp - "a thousand years (feat. gina rene) [2009 deep vocal remix]" {iTunes | Amazon MP3}
7. eric kupper presents k-scope - "stargazer" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}
8. si*sé - "this love"
9. oh.bliv - "in your dreams" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
10. dj cam - "love (feat. nicolette)" {iTunes}
11. just plain ant - "nothng nothing" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
12. just plain ant - "wastin' my time" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
13. hector zazou / barbara eramo / stefano saletti - "i feel love" {iTunes | Napster}
14. illa j - "sounds like love (carlos niño & miguel atwood-ferguson's in space remix)" {iTunes}

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 9:21 PM EST
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010
BSOTS 097 - the post-GRAMMY world music episode...
Now Playing: the anticipation of a whole lot of snow...
Topic: my podcasts

now that my community blogger stint for the GRAMMY® Awards has come and gone, it's time to celebrate the experience with a post-GRAMMY world music episode. both the winners and nominees from this field are present and accounted for. this one goes out to The Recording Academy®, the community bloggers, the nominated artists for making some beautiful music, and to everyone who keeps returning to this show to hear new episodes. thank you very much for doing so. check the tracklisting: a pair of songs from this show are available as free downloads courtesy of ioda promonet.

file access {left-click to stream, right-click to download} ||| stream via swift.fm

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you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. NEW VOICE MAIL LINE!!! hit us up at 206-339-0625. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

id drops courtesy of fave, darren keith, and ej flavors. background music includes the instrumental version of "leave a note" by silhouette brown.

other key info:
the music podcast consortium's facebook fan page
ten drum percussion art group on youtube
omar sosa's album trailer on youtube
the official music voyager website
fela kuti documentary on pbs
more information on cupid's hunt

this episode's tracklist:

1. femi kuti - "you better ask yourself" {iTunes}
2. béla fleck - "Jesus is the only answer" {iTunes}
3. amadou & mariam - "sabali" {iTunes}
4. john santos y el coro folklórico kindembo - snippets from la guerra no {CDBaby.com}
5. liz carroll & john doyle - "rushin' dressing / the quitter / remove the rug" {iTunes}
6. oumou sangare - "seya" {FREE DOWNLOAD | Amazon MP3}
7. ten drum art percussion group - snippets from drum music land {CDBaby.com}
8. rahim alhaj and amjad ali khan - "missing you" {iTunes}
9. omar sosa - "promised land" Amazon MP3
10. mamadou diabate - "bolomabory" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}

Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 2:06 AM EST
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Saturday, 30 January 2010
BSOTS 096 - 2009 overview (pt. II)
Now Playing: georgia anne muldrow - kings ballad
Topic: my podcasts

various circumstances in life have gotten me rather distracted. that and i'm lamenting that i couldn't be out in l.a. during GRAMMY time. oh well. gotta do what i can do on that end from home, but we'll save that for the next episode. first things first: gotta finish up the '09 overview.

things get started on a bouncy note with yoko absorbing. love the twists and turns on this song: sometimes rocking out, other times organic house music. beatmonstas come through with one of my favorite songs on their album. big shout to dig dug for the production (you had me at the frank zappa sample). chubb rock & wordsmith sound great together on "old 2 the new" while opio brings us a west coast sun-drenched banger complete with sun ra flick samples. then it's over to ohio with the jive turkeys, sounding like a outtake from a meters album. SERIOUS FUNK RIGHT HERE. the lovely adriana kaegi blesses us with her presence and the bamboos "turn it up" a notch with the always welcome vocals of lyrics born. moonstarr brings the "tiger funk," reminding all of us that "life is all 'bout what you make it."

been meaning to represent for theBREAX for quite some time now. unashamedly Christian AND undeniably bangin'. that doesn't happen often enough in hip-hop, but they will make you a believer. after that my man just plain ant supplies an instrumental from his wonderful dig deep album, one of the best creative commons releases last year. we bounce from richmond, va to new jersey for pre's cut "yesterday," making some wonderful use of incidental music from the film buffalo '66 over some raw beats. super producer oddisee is responsible for the beautiful song "the second date." love the use of the rhythm box on this one. bling47/PPP member waajeed remixes dj center's "tout passe" and full crate floats in on the wonderful "she was fly". and as for hashim b., i don't know much of anything about that cat, but with a cut like "tokyo to l.a. steez," he deserves to hold the closing cut. seriously, how do you follow that? time to call it a night after beats that sick...

file access {left-click to stream, right-click to download} ||| stream via swift.fm

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you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. NEW VOICE MAIL LINE!!! hit us up at 206-339-0625. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

theme music produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus. id drops courtesy of tgrundy and jonny sonic. background music includes "germinal ring" by cyclops joint and the instrumental version of "hot on both sides" by techniken defunkus.

other key info:
the music podcast consortium's facebook fan page
in memoriam: willie mitchell
in memoriam: teddy pendergrass, r.i.p.
more information on cupid's hunt

this episode's tracklist:
1. yoko absorbing - "vinyl blues pt. 1" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2. beatmonstas - "from sea to shining sea" {iTunes | Amazon}
3. chubb rock & wordsmith - "old 2 the new" {iTunes}
4. opio - "due damage" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
5. the jive turkeys - "b.a." {FREE DOWNLOAD | Fat Beats}
6. adriana kaegi - "roulette" {Amazon | iTunes}
7. the bamboos - "turn it up (feat. lyrics born)" {iTunes}
8. moonstarr - "tiger funk (feat. LAL and guests)" {FREE DOWNLOAD | Napster}
9. theBREAX - "blessed beyond" {iTunes}
10. just plain ant - "if you're not true to me" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
11. pre - "yesterday" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
12. oddisee - "the second date" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
13. dj center - "tout passe (waajeed remix)" {iTunes}
14. full crate - "she was fly (feat. mar)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
15. hashim b. - "tokyo to l.a. steez" {iTunes | Amazon MP3}

podsafe music network Music Provided by IODA Promonet

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Posted by macedonia at 7:54 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 30 January 2010 9:05 PM EST
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Tuesday, 26 January 2010
A Voyage Through The World Of Music...
Now Playing: the sounds of joy and anticipation...
Topic: grammys2010

In this new year and new decade, world music is finding a new audience.  Transglobal connections are being made through social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace as cultural differences are shared, harmonic similarities are discovered, and new sounds emerge from the exchange.  An upcoming television series seems poised to tap into this vibrant energy, presenting the sights and sounds of international locales in an intimate and entertaining fashion.

Music Voyager follows producer and ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar on a fantastic journey around the world, crossing paths with musicians from a dazzling array of genres and ethnicities.   As the series producer, Farook Singh, pointed out, “Music doesn't exist without tapestry around it and the influences behind it.”  Singh is part of Tantra World Wide, a production company creating content for various media platforms.  Unlike other production houses, Tantra is in the fortunate position of owning 100% of their properties.  “We've never been told to go out and do something we have no interest in doing,” adds Singh with an understated sense of pride.

If you’re going to work on something, it may as well be a labor of love, and the passion of this project is more than evident.  “This show took two years to develop,” Singh explained.  “You get to see the country through the eyes of an artist, but it’s got that VH1 edge to it.”  To listen to him talk about what he’s witnessed while filming this series is to hear someone continually falling in love with music.  From India to Jamaica to the United States, another Indian pop star, another dancehall reggae phenomenon, another percussion collective is revealed.  And Singh acknowledges the fact that such musical revelations occur in foreign lands as well when it comes to American music.  “Wherever I go, they ask ‘What about America?’  And what they know of America is Jerry Springer, Britney Spears, but there’s so much more.”  

To that end, Music Voyager has dedicated three episodes to a handful of this year’s GRAMMY® nominees, including banjo player Béla Fleck, singer-songwriter India.Arie, accordion/fiddle player Cedric Watson, and producer Tricky Stewart.  The phrase around The Recording Academy® campfire this year is “We’re All Fans,” and they have been intent on tearing down the walls between artist and fan.  Through a steady stream of content including Flickr photos, Twitter and Facebook updates, and YouTube clips, it’s clear that Music Voyager is right on board with the “We’re All Fans” campaign.

“Our mantra is to put the power of the broadcast into the hands of the fans, which is long in coming,” Singh concluded.  “I'm sick of content being pushed to the market.  Social media and the market were involved in the support of this show.”  Indeed, the questions and comments of fans have steered the production of the series, validating Tantra’s ability to tell the artist’s story while bringing the fans into the creative process.  Be sure to check your PBS listings for the premiere of Music Voyager in February 2010.



Music Voyager sizzler from Farook Singh on Vimeo.

Posted by macedonia at 5:40 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 26 January 2010 5:42 PM EST
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Thursday, 14 January 2010
GRAMMY World Music Nominee: Femi Kuti
Now Playing: still deep in thought....
Topic: grammys2010

Femi Kuti was born the son of Nigeria’s favorite son, Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti, a man who was dubbed “The Black President” long before Barack Obama ran for and won the United States Presidency.  Fela left behind big shoes to fill, but it is clear that Femi carries this music in his flesh, bones, and spirit.  As bandleader for his troupe Positive Force, he walks in the path that his father created with the Afrobeat sound while still commanding respect as his own musician and songwriter.  He remains entrenched in the everyday struggle of his people, pondering the contradictions of Nigeria’s independence while so many within his own city live in poverty.  The Nigerian authorities have not taken kindly to Femi’s messages in song and actions in the street.  Such has resulted in the closing of the New Africa Shrine (Femi’s creative space in tribute to his father, which was captured for posterity on the Live At The Shrine DVD).  Even in the midst of these setbacks, Femi’s spirit remains defiant.  It is this resilience that bursts through on Day By Day, nominated for a GRAMMY® for Best Contemporary World Music Album.  This nomination marks Femi’s second within this category.  It would be cool to see him take this home for Nigeria…

Posted by macedonia at 1:44 AM EST
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considering the possibilities...
Now Playing: deep in thought about so many things...
Topic: grammys2010

earlier this month, the good people at The Recording Academy asked us community bloggers to write up a wrap-up piece about our respective genres, so here's what i came up with for mine...

Considering The Possibilities...

It’s less than a month until the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards and the World Music Field is wide open with possibilities. Walking away with a GRAMMY would be an honor for any of the nominees, and the more their respective albums are examined, the harder it becomes to pick a potential winner. For Best Contemporary World Music Album, each of the nominees are so impressive that you don’t want to see anyone go home empty-handed. Be it the stirring songstress Oumou Sangare or husband and wife duo Amadou & Mariam, they have both done Mali proud. Cuba has presented a gift to the world in pianist Omar Sosa, whose latest album was largely inspired by the slave trade, particularly the Middle Passage. An arguable favorite could be Béla Fleck, certainly no stranger to the GRAMMY Awards, having won several in the past. However, don’t rule out Femi Kuti, Nigeria’s favorite son next to his father, Fela. Receiving his second GRAMMY nomination (the first being for his album Fight To Win), this could be the year for Femi to take it home.

In some ways, it’s more difficult to single out a shoo-in for Best Traditional World Music Album. Between the hypnotic kora of Mamadou Diabate, the rhythmic aesthetics of Ten Drum Art Percussion Group, and the shared traditions of African and South American peoples expressed through John Santos Y El Folklórico Kindembo’s work, it’s easy for one’s allegiances to be torn. The choice becomes even tougher once you consider Irish music lovingly handled by Liz Carroll & John Doyle, or the interplay between Indian and Iraqi musical themes from Rahim Alhaj and Amjad Ali Khan. While it might sound cliché, world music wins simply by having such artists being recognized. Even at a time when global tensions are on the rise, music always rises above it all to celebrate differences while recognizing similarities. It could be said that this year’s World Music nominees represent that beautifully.

Posted by macedonia at 1:36 AM EST
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Wednesday, 6 January 2010
BSOTS 095 - 2009 overview (pt. one)
Now Playing: real sound of chicago radio mix
Topic: my podcasts

the sunday night before i returned to work, i found myself in my living room wearing a coat because it was so cold, typing up show notes for this episode. northeast america is in a deep freeze right now, but my wife reminded me that we both attended college at (and for a time, resided in) albany, ny. their winter season is no joke. i think we're getting older. sure, it's insanely cold outside, but we don't absorb it like we used to.

hopefully, this show will be as welcome to you as a warm sweater, blanket, and hot cup of cocoa or cider. the first of two overview shows for 2009, there's a lot of audio firepower in this one. musically, the genres are coming together and two bands here prove that: phantogram and glass ghost. an itunes customer review actually described phantogram as "what music will sound like in 2010" and i completely agree. i love the hip-hop head nod of "as far as i can see" with sarah's breathy vocals and electronic pop accessibility. it's my favorite cut from the eyelid movies album (check out the EPK above to find out more about the band). meanwhile, "the same" by glass ghost is anything but the same ol' thing. i've been referring to it as outsider funk. it sounds like the type of song a recluse would make when they're getting their personal party on and they don't care who's looking. by the end of the song, it sounds like a carnival where everyone's invited. there's nothing else like it on the show and i've been dying to share that song with you.

two of my absolute favorite netlabels stand strong on this episode: error broadcast and just plain sounds. the title cut from EB's bag of nothingness compilation starts off the show (respect due to comfort fit on the production) while oh.bliv's "send it on down" brings a neck-snapping holy hip-hop instrumental to your headphones (an unconventional hymnal addition for sure...). renzu comes to us via japan's bumpfoot netlabel with the stirring "amasawa". don't sleep on their across the threshold album - simply gorgeous. the beautiful moments don't stop there, either. pay particular attention to eric kupper's remix of john shannon's "somewhere", a cut that my podcast partners anji bee and darren keith have both played on their shows last year and i just had to represent for it as well. new villager's "rich doors" is one of those songs that'll get stuck in your head and you will be too busy smiling to ask it to pay room and board. cotton jones is another one of those ensembles that will instantly make you feel good. i loved the rio ranger e.p. from the first time i heard it and "where you stop for a minute" has that pastoral, slightly left-of- center vibe that you can't help but find intriguing. and good LORD, julien dyne's "fallin' down" is just spectacular. seriously, what are they putting in the water in new zealand and can they ship a few cases to the u.s.?

of course, a BSOTS show wouldn't be complete without some hip-hop and we've got plenty to spare. foreign beggars bring the hotness with "higher," flako + noir provide a killer cut with "w0oop", mantis gets the party going with "what," and brother ali bares his soul on "us." add in some midtempo electronic goodness from city rain and a dizzying instrumental from cy tru and you have the first 15 songs from the 2009 overview. it's shows like these that get me very excited for what awaits us musically in 2010. after hearing this one, i hope you feel the same way. HAPPY NEW YEAR...

p.s. scroll past the tracklisting and receive a bonus mix: 15 of my personal favorites from year one of wfmu's free music archive...

file access {left-click to stream, right-click to download} ||| subscribe via rss ||| subscribe via itunes

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you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. NEW VOICE MAIL LINE!!! hit us up at 206-339-0625. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

theme music produced by cy tru. id drops courtesy of fave, india from astronauts of antiquity, ej flavors, and darren keith wyatt. background music includes "germinal ring" and "dead air (live 2) by cyclops joint and "bathing" by techniken defunkus.

other key info:
best artists round table 2009
darkside of 2009 mixtape
jason's hip-hop mix on the free music archive
lou ziegler's freeform mix on the free music archive

this episode's tracklist:

1. comfort fit - "bag of nothingness" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2. phantogram - "as far as i can see" {bbe music}
3. cy tru - "just robbed" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
4. flako + noir - "wOoop" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
5. foreign beggars - "higher (feat. audra nishita)" {iTunes}
6. julien dyne - "fallin' down (feat. parks) {bbe music | iTunes}
7. new villager - "rich doors" {iTunes | FREE DOWNLOAD}
8. city rain - "this i will remember (pt. 1)" {FREE DOWNLOAD | Electronic Eel Records - Label Store}
9. renzu - "amasawa" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
10. john shannon - "somewhere (eric kupper reprise)" {iTunes | Amazon MP3}
11. glass ghost - "the same" {iTunes | Amazon MP3}
12. oh.bliv - "send it on down" {free download}
13. cotton jones - "where you stop for a minute" {quite scientific}
14. brother ali - "us" {iTunes | Amazon MP3}
15. mantis - "what (feat. justis)" {FREE DOWNLOAD | iTunes}

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Posted by macedonia at 11:09 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 7 January 2010 7:10 AM EST
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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
BSOTS 094 - clubhoppin' and trainspottin'...
Now Playing: the sounds of the night before Christmas Eve...
Topic: my podcasts


it's only been about a month and change, but it feels like i've been away for much longer. this show features a wonderful set from remix pioneer john morales. it also features voiceovers from my job, with both recorded in one take. i rarely ever do this, but i poured the negative energy from the nine-to-five into the voiceovers and somehow, i was able to pull it off. please forgive my babbling on this episode, but like i said...i've been away for a while. a lot has happened.

and if you're wondering what the Christmas song was that started the show, that was "x-mas 2009 joint" by my man cy tru.

download ||| subscribe via rss ||| subscribe via itunes

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go here to stream shows.

you can contact me via twitter, myspace, or email. and if you love the show, please join the facebook fan page.

theme music co-produced by macedonia and techniken defunkus. id drops courtesy of anji bee and darren keith. background music includes "everybody's got problems" by just plain ant.

other key info:
GRAMMY.com and the we're all fans microsite
community bloggers on twitter
macedonia's blip.fm page
did we mention the facebook fan page?
us and us: sunrays and sound waves (pt. II)

this episode's tracklist:
1. cuebism - "getting there" {FREE DOWNLOAD}
2. zaki ibrahim - "money (king britt remix)" {iTunes}
3. john morales - promo radio mix
4. virtu-oso - "time (reprise) (closing credits)" {FREE DOWNLOAD}

PLEASE NOTE: both "all over your face" by ronnie dyson and "barely breaking even" by universal robot band can be found on the m&m mixes. i thought class action's "weekend" was the third cut from the mix that made it onto the release, but that's not the case. at any rate, there are some serious joints on there and you can find it available at iTunes, bbe music, and a host of other digital platforms.

podsafe music network

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Posted by macedonia at 7:35 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 7:37 AM EST
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